Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Remember, remember, the month of November

Oh my! How long have I been aloof from my blog? It's been a month since I last posted. Another broken promise, please excuse me while I go kick myself in the head for forgetting. If Chrisia hadn't told me and reminded me that my last post was about Lakers, I wouldn't remember, and this blog will continue sinking into the realm of the forgotten. She also did a good job in improving her own blog, which she didn't bother mentioning to me. And this blog, to mention it for like a hundredth time, will always be under construction.

What have I missed narrating?

--Second semester is like a living hell, which in my superego, I find helpful. It gives me hell because of the stress it brings and a super busy, hectic, pressure-filled polsci life. On the contrary, it enhances my brain and gives me more knowledge of what I am really studying for. I mean, for heaven's sake, I am a political science major, and this is the only time where I am able to feel that I am; the polsci madness sunk in.

--I love the Big Bang Acafeelers come back! Yes, Biankee Tehankee is MIA, missing in action, but Chrisia the Bruha is back! Most definitely incredible! Hey move! B to the I to the G BANG BANG! Shoutout: WE MISS YOU BIANCA!

--My father is FINE. He is okay, now. I am grateful to the Lord God above, to my mom, who never left the side of my father, to our relatives who helped in praying,a and taking care of dad. I am just happy, in the most inner sense. I love you mama and papa.

--I got my dream shoes! I first rooted for Mark Ecko RED, but I see it too girly with the studs. When I knew Big Bang, my dream shoes became the Reebok, Nike, high-top dunk shoes, Big Bang type, but I cannot find it anywhere here, and I cannot afford DC, Ecko is so girly, so I went for Zoo York. I love the shoes so much, and I am really thankful to my parents for buying the shoes for me.
I love it because:
1. it is a high-top dunk/skate shoes kind of similar to Big Bang
2. it is an original Zoo York Shoes
3. the color of its sole is PURPLE
4. the color combination of the shoes are black, red, white, and gray, my ever favorite color combination, second to LAKERS' purple and gold
5. it has an apple-heart design, kind of similar to G-Dragon's apple-heart design
6. it has NO PINK!

--I have an official new crush. My jeepney guy crush who looks like an angel. He's my angel.

--Leslie's birthday party was incredibly amazing. It wasn't that extravagant, but all the cutest assholes in the world were present, namely, Leslie, the birthday celebrator, Me, Meg, Catherine, and Achellie, with special participation of Tud-Tud. I so love us. The only abnormal people who can understand each other. The people who do not get offended, but becomes touched, when commented as crazy.
Info: Leslie's Birthday, November 13, 1991. Birthday Party, November 14, 2009, Villa del Rio.

--November 29 is my Papa Topher's birthday. God has heeded our call. Another life he offered to my father. He's now 45 years old, I still pray for his good health and long life.

I guess that's all I could remember that are significant to my life, and I wish to be recorded to stay forever.

[from V for Vendetta movie: "remember, remember the fifth of november". i love this line]