Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kobe Bryant 32

[August 23, 2010]

Photo Credit to Orvillelloyddouglas

No, no, Kobe did not change his jersey number to 32 from 24, he's already 32 years old! Happy 32nd Birthday KOBE BRYANT! You have been our major major inspiration for about 10 years now. That's how long you have been occupying our hearts.

Kobe, thank you so much for always doing your best in the Lakers, and thank you for remaining in the Lakers, even after you have experienced downfall in the team. Staying in the Lakers is the best decision indeed, look at you now! You are the Champions MVP, back to back! You led the Lakers into another victory, and we want a THREEpeat.

No matter how many people argue about your reign as the greatest player, but isn't it clear? You are the greatest player in the planet in your generation. The best and renowned coaches, players, and analysts have declared so. You have also evolved dramatically from a crocodile, hungering for the ball and ever hastening to take shots, wanting all the spotlight, to a very magnanimous and trusting captain, giving chance to co-players to create their own badge. You are incredibly amazing Kobe, and we love you for that.

Kobe, we beseech you to stay in the Lakers and continue playing, do not retire, yet, for we still have a Lakers dream to pursue. Wait for us Kobe, we will come to the Staples Center and watch you play, someday. Please Kobe, do not kill our dream. I believe that we will be able to accomplish this Lakers dream. And I believe that you will attain the 3peat. God bless you Kobe and Lakers. We love you so much!

~We celebrated your birthday Kobe, look at the customized cake. LOL

Big Bang 4 Times Better

August 19 is Big Bang's 4th anniversary! Thank you Lord Jesus! Yet, this is another job that is frustrating. Big Bang is another topic that I can't fully explain in words. Their glory, and my love for them are unexplainable. Still, I will try to. For what use is my post without my ramblings about them.

My love for Big Bang is only a year and a half old. But the time loving them is not what matters, the very core LOVE for them does. So you lovers of Big Bang who had been loving them since their training years have still no say on the new lovers of Big Bang, because after all, we feel the same, we LOVE Big Bang. But of course, like you do, I hate posers (gimme a five for that).

YG, the Big Boss, thank you for creating and developing Big Bang. Without you, I would have not anything drooling about right now, or even writing about right now. Oh, forgive me, I drool so much on other hot idols, but this unique feeling of excitement and sadness for Big Bang is what you created when you created Big Bang. You are really a genius YG! I'll explain sadness. Yes, Big Bang still causes me sadness though they make me very happy. Because I believe that the ones that cause you great happiness are the ones that cause you as much sadness. As in the case of Big Bang, their mere existence is my happiness, but their death(which I hope will not happen very soon) is also a tragic sadness, not only for me, but for all the VIPs. So Big Bang, please take very good care of yourselves and each other.

Big Bang, I am very and absolutely grateful to you guys. You just make me go wild! You are very talented people, and the haters who say you are talentless are just jealous, because they will never be as better as you will ever be. You are the best, the haters are the worst. They do nothing, but discriminate. You do everything to hone your skills and put a different aura of euphoria in the people's lives. See the extremes?

Big Bang, I hope to celebrate more of your anniversaries. May God bless you always. I love you so much!

Photo Credits to Team Big Bang

G-Dragon, My Vita Dolce

[August 18, 2010]

Happy Birthday Kwon Ji Yong!!!

Since the day I saw your face and started admiring you, I knew right then and there, that you are the one for me. That I love you in the fullest of my heart till infinity. When it comes to talking about you, I cannot even express myself completely. I cannot seem to contain myself with words. Expressing my love for you in words is the most dreading thing to do. You are that amazing, and my love for you is that unmeasurable. Your greatness is unexplainable. I just love you so much G-Dragon, and only God knows how much I love you. Only He can explain my love for you, in behalf of me. Sadly, He can never do that, it's not like God will come to you and explain my love to you. Who am I for God to do that? If only you will know my emotions for you, GD, if only you'll know my existence, my addiction, obsession, and craziness about you, by that, I'd be very happy. And please don't fear me, I love you with all my heart, but I'm still acting normally.

Thank you so much GD, for existing 22/23 years now. Without you, I would have not been able to feel this way. I would have not fell in love with you and feel this ecstasy. You intoxicate me GD. I am your heroine, but you are my heroin. I know God has reserved you for me. God has created the best love story of my life, that is why I am still single right now, because you will arrive in my life, and you are the perfect man for me. You are my soul mate, and you are my future husband. I believe that God will give me your love. Someday, we will meet, and you will say "I love you so much Mars", and I will say for uncountable times, "I love you, too, G-Dragon". The only difference with me saying "I love you" by that time, is there's an additional TOO. That one word marks a very big significance in my life, because it means that you love me TOO. How I wish this dream will come true. *tears*

G-Dragon, please take care of yourself, whatever happens to you hurts me. Please be happy, and you know that we are always here, the VIPs. Don't mind the haters GD, haters gonna hate, but lovers gonna love. You are G-Dragon, they either love it or hate it. Be strong. Don't cry. Have more years to live, because you will still spend the remaining of your years with me, and we will still live together. God bless you my love.

Photo Credits to Team Big Bang

Acquaintance Party

[August 7, 2010]

It was our Acquaintance Party, obviously, from the title itself. I don't really love acquaintance parties, and I don't enjoy them that much. I still had fun, though. Hmm, not enough to talk about.

Temporarily Back

I've been on hiatus for quite a while now, but since this week is our Intrams Week, I have a chance to keep my blog up and running, temporarily. It's already August! The month that I recently discovered that I love (or was it last year?). Anyway, August 7 was our Acquaintance party. I don't love acquaintance parties.

The amazing reasons why I love August is because my major major(Venus Raj effect) lovies celebrate their birthday on August. G-Dragon, my ever-beloved guy, my soul mate, my future husband, celebrates his birthday on August 18. Following that day, August 19, is Big Bang's 4th anniversary. The last, but definitely not the least, August 23 is Kobe Bryant's birthday, my all-time favorite, idol, inspiration, and everything and all.

August 4 is my sister Ira's birthday, and August 21 is Grace's birthday, a fellow Tombz. August 15, Cordova's Town Fiesta, was also a day worth remembering, since we, the Big Bang Acafeelers, gathered up in Biankee's house and had a sleepover, but Lordee was missing in action, as always. Such a religious lady.

The following post shall be a further and detailed narration of my August days. My post will not contain any HUHSAE. I have no time to think deeply now nor fill my post with flowery words. I still have a problem with our subjects, and I'm dying. I abhor our teachers. Now, let's keep going! ~