Saturday, June 30, 2012


I've already disclosed in my previous post about my brother's birthday. You know how it is. Whenever there's a birthday, it only means one thing - food! We decided to dine at Japengo - a Japanese restaurant. It's located in Parkmall.

All the food that we ordered are absolutely savory and flavorful. I was overly satisfied. The taste of the food is magical. They lifted me off my feet and brought me into the heavens. I was happy with all the delicious food that we feasted. I could just imagine how happy the Japanese people are. These food are ordinarily served in their everyday meals. How lucky! I overate, though. We were only three and we almost ate all the food, except for that big rice platter with shrimps. My tummy bloated right after, that it felt like a Spalding basketball is inside my stomach.

I rest my positive verdict upon Japengo. It's worth your bucks. You won't regret filling your stomach with their well-cooked food. Words of advice, though, order food which you think tastes good or better yet, ask the waiters and waitresses. There are some Japanese food that doesn't suit the taste of Filipinos.

Pardon me for the low-quality photos. Mama didn't bring the camera, because her bag was already so heavy. Thus, we utilized my camera phone, which has no flash. Too lazy and tired to post-process the photos, too. Did not even bother putting a watermark. Oh well. It's not like people are gonna steal my crappy photos.

Glad that I had time to blog. I avoid blogging and reading blogs during school days, especially if I have to study for oral recitations and quizzes, because the internet is such a big distraction and source of procrastination. Right now, my time is gold. I have to balance sleep and study. Health is wealth. Thus, even though I should study, I sleep and take a rest.

Until then! 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara and Purederm Magic BB Cream

These are my newest beauty acquisitions:
Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara and Purederm Magic BB Cream.

I don't really know how to apply makeup. I'm lame like that. The farthest I could get is applying mascara on my lashes and lipstick on my lips. Beyond that, nothing more complex. My whole face becomes a mess if I try to put on eye shadow, blush, eyebrow liner (or whatever you use to line your eyebrow), and other makeup. 

What's more funny is that my eyebrows aren't even shaped. They're so bushy. I don't get them shaved, plucked or threaded. I love my natural, bushy, thick eyebrows. Before, I don't even put eyeliner on. I cry every time I try to, but now I'm adapting. Additionally, I'm quite fortunate because I have a naturally rosy face. I don't have to apply blush on my cheeks. I sometimes hate my red face, though. Sometimes, it becomes too red, especially when I'm under the heat or when I laugh so hard. I'm Marcel the red-faced person.

My beauty regimen (except when I'm just at home and when I'm not in a hurry) are BB cream, face powder, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick. I have bare face when I'm just at home. Zero makeup. When I'm in a hurry, I just put powder, mascara, and lipstick on. When I'm really, really, really in a hurry, I just put powder and lip balm on. I'm as simple as that.

Okay, about my new beauty acquisitions. I love the Maybelline Hyper Curl mascara. It's waterproof! At first, I got sad because I can't wash it off my lashes. I forced it to get off and I consequently ended up plucking my lashes. I did not know that it was waterproof then. I didn't read the label, but I suspected that it was after my effort of washing it off. Alas! It's really waterproof. It's clearly printed on the label. I love it so much. Goodbye to smudge and smears every time I rub my eyes. Buy one for only 249Php at Watsons.

Purederm BB Magic Cream is just as wonderful. This is actually my second bottle. I've been using this BB cream since March. I gave my first bottle to my aunt in Mindanao. She noticed that my face looks so vibrant and fresh every time I put BB cream on. So one time, she asked me what cream do I apply on my face. She wanted to have the same effect on her face. I gave it to her, because it's not sold anywhere near she lives. Every time I apply Purederm BB Magic Cream, my face achieves a Korean complexion. It looks natural, and even if I have an oily face, my face doesn't look eww with it on. It doesn't cause breakouts even though my face is pimple-prone. Plus, it has SPF30. Buy one for only 329Php at Watsons. 

P.S. This is a scheduled post. By the time this is published, I'm probably sinking my face into the pile of cases and books we have to read... or worse, dying. I'm so stressed! Gaaah! Help me. Can you please give me more brains? 1 brain per subject, please. I'm considering this blog to be deactivated for the sake of my own life, but I just can't give this blog up. Expect me to be on hiatus or expect me to have more scheduled posts. I'm going to be less active in blogging. One post per week, perhaps. Hopefully. One more thing, today's the birthday of my evil nemesis - my brother. This means pig out day! Food is my stress reliever.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer Paradise

Pardon me, I just can't get over summer. Summer will always be my favorite part of the year. I've said that a thousand times. Anyway, before I get too stressed out and busy, because classes have started and law school can get too time-devoting, I'll grab this opportunity to blog about my backlog posts.

Almost every summer, I go to my aunt's house in Mindanao for a vacation. I usually spend a week or more in their place. Last year, I spent a month, but this year, it was just one week. We considered their place a paradise. Not that elegantly beautiful like Palawan and Boracay, but considering that a beach is just a 2-minute walk away from their house can make it fall under the category. It's one of my favorite go-to places during summer, because it's so chill and relaxing. Aside from that, I get to spend time with my beloved relatives and friends. Such a great place to unwind and take a break from the polluted city. Plus the fact that I love watching sunsets, especially in the beach, their place is just the right amount of awesomeness. This place means so much to me, it's very special.

All photos taken using my old phone. My old phone's dead now. R.I.P. T__T

About the title, I've been LSS-ing Simple Plan's Summer Paradise featuring Sean Paul. It's been released months ago, but apparently, the message of the song just sank in to me recently, now that summer's over. I also love the music video for that song. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Motocross Love

Summer made me fall in love with motocross. No, I'm not a motocross racer nor a rider. I haven't even driven a motorcycle for two years, I suppose. You see, I've been in a motor accident twice, so I'm still in a state of trauma for what happened. Despite that, I get amazed by all those flying, buwis-buhay motocross stunts.

There is this town in Mindanao where it held a motocross race on its town fiesta. It was my first time to actually witness a motocross race. We went to watch what all the shiz is about and because we knew some of the racers. Of course, I supported and cheered my lungs out for our family friend's son, but I stopped to save myself from humiliation. Why? He did not win. Even worse, he usually lands second to the last or on the last spot. Boo.

Anyway, I still cheered for all the thrill that was happening. It was really exciting and fun to watch. We went to watch the race for two consecutive days. We were obsessed to motocross like that. Who wouldn't? They're too fantastic. People jumped and jaws dropped out of astonishment.

All these levitating motors, don't they look exhilarating?

Ready, set...


Muddy and dirty motors. It rained hard during the race, but they went on. Dedication!

Racers falling off their motors are inevitable. Look at the racer on the ground.

Admiration level: beyond the meter. I admire them all. Gaaah! I even joked to my mother that I would enter into the motocross world and instead pursue being a motocross racer than the path I am now taking. She just laughed about it, but wouldn't it be cool? It was just a joke, though. Watching the race also made me remember my childhood favorite motocross racer, McGrath. How wonderful he was! Memories.

Monday, June 11, 2012


In my previous post, I've talked about our first trek this summer. Now, this post is dedicated to our second trek. Part two, baby! The journey in this trek was longer. The first trek was more exhausting though, because the mountain's altitude was higher. Still, this trek caused me days of muscle cramps. Poor thighs and legs.

We did this trek not only out of fun, but because we wanted to go to the neighbor town. Yes, we trekked from one town to another. That's why it took us a lot of time to arrive at our destination. Trekking is strenuous, but exciting and fulfilling. It's fulfilling because we've come a long and hard way just to get to the top of the mountain. When you're there, standing on top, gasping for air, looking down to what you've conquered - that's victory. Trekking is like our life's journey to reach our dreams.

P.S. Together with my classmates, I've conquered Osmeña peak (the highest peak of Cebu) when I was in 2nd year college. Thanks to our Sociology teacher. That was a great achievement despite all my rants and ramblings along the way. I still could not conceive how I was able to reach the peak, because it was really high and I was dead tired, but I did. Happy!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mountains and Forests

Nature is my only solace when the modern world runs at a very fast pace. In the rat race of life, my world takes a rest every time I daze upon the untouched beauty of God's creation. The green environment consoles the hasty pounding of my heart and mind. I am an elemental person who cares for our Mother Earth. Thus, trekking is a great adventure or sport that actually helps me to be one with nature. Trekking also opens my view that Mother Nature is naturally beautiful, and that we have to take care of our environment.

When we were young, my cousins, siblings, and I would climb mountains in the province. It was how we play. We enjoy climbing mountains and entering forests. We did trekking way before we knew the word. Survivor was how we called our mountain activities, based on the reality TV show. Now that we're are all grown ups, trekking is how we call our adventure, because it is indeed trekking.

This summer, we did trekking, again. We missed trekking. It's been years since we last did trekking together. That's why we trekked twice this summer. Not only did I enjoy trekking, I also enjoyed the quality time spent with my relatives who I rarely see.

One lazy, boring summer afternoon, we had nothing to do so I jumped off the couch and suggested trekking. They excitedly concurred with my decision so off we went. Oh! It was an uphill struggle, but when we reached the peak of the mountain, the scenery overwhelmed us. It was beautiful. The bountiful nature was serene, and we felt it. The world is beautiful, so let us love it.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Summer Nostalgia

I've always been vocal about my intense love for summer. Summer is my favorite part of the year. First off, I get a 2-month break from school. Freedom! Second, I get to enjoy the wonderful beaches and mountains, and I get to travel a lot to different places. Adventure! Lastly, I get to spend time with my family, relatives, and friends. Happiness! All these jam-packed in one great summer moment.

However, all these delight stops when I go back to urbanity. Nostalgia slowly creeps into me and gradually transforms my joyous emotions into sad, longing ones. When summer comes to its end, I start to miss the activities I do and the people I spend time with. All these would just become memories that can make me happy and sad at the same time. At this moment, fresh summer memories bring pensive yearning to my soul. This wistfulness is honestly because of the important and special persons who I can only interact and hang out with during summer. Being far away from these people is disheartening. Distance matters. It's actually a big deal for me.

I know this nostalgia will diminish in timeThese are are just fleeting emotions. Give me time, and I will forget. Give me time, and reminiscing these memories would not be painful, anymore. Give me time, and these memories will make me smile. Just give me time.