Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Black Mamba bites, and I would die for it to bite me

Kobe Bryant is, The Black Mamba, Official Trailer

Kobe Bryant's movie, The Black Mamba, together with Bruce Willis and Danny Trejo, directed by Robert Rodriguez. What could be better than this? The world's greatest basketball player! Oh yeah!

The Black Mamba bites on the 19th of February. Beware!

More info at Dime Mag - Official Trailer: Kobe Bryant is The Black Mamba by Aaron Phillips.

I am a Clairvoyant Reader, an inconsistent one, that is

Our POSC 116 midterm exam today was postponed to the 27th. I knew it! I really had the feeling that we won't have the exam today, because I don't feel like studying. Why would I study if there is nothing to study for? I always get this predictions, through my feelings and senses, sometimes they're right, sometimes they're not. I can foretell the future. HAH! This is the talent God has given... or so I believe. But, I am so not digging it, because we also have a major exam on the 27th, Constitutional Law. Frequency! Frequency! I'm feeling the vibes! *undertaker eyes*

Who wants their palm read? Anyone?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Break My Style for Greater Good

Laureen Uy has this BMS Giveaway: Greater Good Shirts. Sissy Ira, the moment she got knowledge of it, immediately pushed me to join. Why me and not her? Since my birthday's upcoming (January 31), she has this notion of me getting fortunate, and may have a greater chance of winning. Weird, actually, because, as I always declare, I'm the most unlucky and unfortunate person in the whole vast universe, and I never win in games of luck, but I wish to break that chain.

Since she's the one always behind my back, not whispering, but shouting to my ears, my ear drums on the verge of exploding, I demanded her to do all the work, while I sit and wait, because my job is just to submit her work.

This is what she's been up to last week, and instead of studying for her midterm exams, she did this. This is not really required, we just have to tell Laureen how she'll style the shirt from head to toe, but sissy Ira was so in love with this giveaway, and created this masterpiece. I admit it, this is wonderfully made, though there are little imperfections, but who needs perfect, anyway? She should be working in a magazine company or a stylist, perhaps. She deserves a clap. Now, I have to put into words her visualization of greater good, the BMS way.

Credits to Polyvore for the various images.

I deserve a doughnut for pimping my blog

According to my watch, it's 4:57AM. Hell, yeah! I just finished pimping my blog. I easily get bored with my themes and templates, which I do not even, myself, create, and which I just use for free. Oh well, credits to you templates makers and creators, without you, my blog will be as boring as my drab face. Geez, it's already 5:02. What kind of hardworking soul has possessed me? It's kindah funny how I used "hardworking", when in fact I have yet to study school loads of lessons, and read bulk of papers. And what have I busied myself into?... TADAAH! Pimping my blog. HAHA, like this blog would help me pass all my courses.

Since it's on and on to the break of dawn, I got a mic and I just can't leave it alone, I be the T.O.P, aight?! I represent the Big Bang, BIG BANG! And my point is, I'm hungry. I'm lusting for Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Why? Why aren't there any Krispy Kreme branches, stores, and franchises here in Cebu? Why have you forsaken me, Kripsy Kreme? C'mon! I demand Krispy Kreme stores in Cebu. Feed my lustful mouth, oh puh leez! When will I ever taste you, again? Are there Krispy Kreme stores in Cebu which I am unaware of? If there are, tell me! I beseech thee, inform me. Sigh, this is so frustrating. I gotta sleep this off. The slacker is slacking off, now, to her slack.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Meg, The Meggy, The Gay, The MegGay

Today's my best butt's birthday, Meg. I love this gay kid. She's not really gay, she's a SHE. A woman, I guess. I think "girl" is more fitting. She's a BUM Girl. Lolz! She's a very smart and talented girl. She is made of awesome, 101%, I must say. She's a prodigy!

I love you Meggy! And I know you love me, too. LOL. Still hasn't bought a gift for you, but you must wait. My GOD! I wanna celebrate our, more or less, 7 years of friendship,which I will treasure forever and which nothing can ever replace or even equal to. Thank you so much for everything, yot. xoxo~~

The Girly Us (US Girls)

We kinda had this crazy, all-of-a-sudden, and out-of-nowhere photoshoot. We were waiting for the clock to hit at 12 midnight and welcome 2011. While we're at it, we busied ourselves with the shoot. I was the pitiful one, because Mama was the one who took my shots, and lookey, they we're all going to anywhere degrees. I was the one who took the shots of Mama and ate Ira, which were just the normal shots, the right angle position of cameras, not the one going to 35 degrees tilting of cameras.

We are so addicted with these hats from Bohol.

Her Tears, Her Grief

Sadness has poured down on me, Lordee's father passed away last Tuesday. She might not show how hurt she is and how she is in great pain, I know how she feels. Oh, my father is alive and has been working his butt very hard, but there were moments when my father was very ill, and it was like my own death. I sympathize Lordee. I pity her. It's just so heart-breaking, having a friend's father pass away. A death of a father, that I can't carry. I admire her being strong and brave, though. She is still able to smile, to go to school, and laugh with us. She just hides her agony. If I were in her shoes, my life would have ended, the moment the life of my father ended. It's the end of me. So Lord, do not ever take my father and my mother away from me. The moment You're gonna take them away from me at a very wrong time, I'm gonna fucking hate you so much, and create a cult who abhor You, and destroy Your name. I'm threatening You. LOL. Who the fuck am I?

I also admire Lordee for still having faith in God. She's been a very religious girl, a choir in their church, and she still has it. I'm even not partying this Sinulog, because she is grieving, among other reasons, which are, I'm traumatized with the last Sinulog, it's raining hard, and I'm damn tired! I have muscle cramps! It's like HOW DARE ME PARTY WHILE MY FRIEND GRIEVES!!!!!!! Yeah, just like that.

Been Out, and may be Out for Good

I have not been blogging for two weeks, now. My always-been-lazy butt has been activated by some odd fairy of some kind, and I don't know why the Billy Fairy image keeps on popping up in my head. Perhaps because I saw The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy last night with Billy having visited by the Tooth Fairy. Psycho me.

Confusion is bubbling up the volcanic lake in my brain. I have this weird feeling of ceasing from blogging. My cravings for blogging is thrown out of the window. I'm just all broken up right now. I need to fix myself. It's not like I'm undergoing the 5th stage of the psychosocial stages, which is identity vs. role confusion, because I know exactly what my identity is and what my roles in life are. I'm just lost. I'm scattered all over the entire universe, and I need to put myself back together, to compose myself. Fuck! What is wrong with me? I have lost faith. No matter how I try, I just lost it.

My being OUT is not final, though. I might be just latent for some time, but will be posting bits, if I go normal, which is very highly unlikely.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Short Greetings

I know, it's already January 2, it's late, I suck, but it's better late than never. Happy New Year! Happy New You! Happy You Year! 

I always have the same new year's resolution every year, and I never change, but... CHANGE IS COMING... or so I think, I'm just challenging myself to really try to change and change, eventually.