Monday, January 24, 2011

Break My Style for Greater Good

Laureen Uy has this BMS Giveaway: Greater Good Shirts. Sissy Ira, the moment she got knowledge of it, immediately pushed me to join. Why me and not her? Since my birthday's upcoming (January 31), she has this notion of me getting fortunate, and may have a greater chance of winning. Weird, actually, because, as I always declare, I'm the most unlucky and unfortunate person in the whole vast universe, and I never win in games of luck, but I wish to break that chain.

Since she's the one always behind my back, not whispering, but shouting to my ears, my ear drums on the verge of exploding, I demanded her to do all the work, while I sit and wait, because my job is just to submit her work.

This is what she's been up to last week, and instead of studying for her midterm exams, she did this. This is not really required, we just have to tell Laureen how she'll style the shirt from head to toe, but sissy Ira was so in love with this giveaway, and created this masterpiece. I admit it, this is wonderfully made, though there are little imperfections, but who needs perfect, anyway? She should be working in a magazine company or a stylist, perhaps. She deserves a clap. Now, I have to put into words her visualization of greater good, the BMS way.

Credits to Polyvore for the various images.

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