Sunday, January 16, 2011

Her Tears, Her Grief

Sadness has poured down on me, Lordee's father passed away last Tuesday. She might not show how hurt she is and how she is in great pain, I know how she feels. Oh, my father is alive and has been working his butt very hard, but there were moments when my father was very ill, and it was like my own death. I sympathize Lordee. I pity her. It's just so heart-breaking, having a friend's father pass away. A death of a father, that I can't carry. I admire her being strong and brave, though. She is still able to smile, to go to school, and laugh with us. She just hides her agony. If I were in her shoes, my life would have ended, the moment the life of my father ended. It's the end of me. So Lord, do not ever take my father and my mother away from me. The moment You're gonna take them away from me at a very wrong time, I'm gonna fucking hate you so much, and create a cult who abhor You, and destroy Your name. I'm threatening You. LOL. Who the fuck am I?

I also admire Lordee for still having faith in God. She's been a very religious girl, a choir in their church, and she still has it. I'm even not partying this Sinulog, because she is grieving, among other reasons, which are, I'm traumatized with the last Sinulog, it's raining hard, and I'm damn tired! I have muscle cramps! It's like HOW DARE ME PARTY WHILE MY FRIEND GRIEVES!!!!!!! Yeah, just like that.

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