Monday, November 29, 2010

He is 46 and I deeply pray for more

The greatest gift I ever had Came from God, and I call him Dad! 
-- Anonymous 

Happy Birthday to my ever beloved Papa! Thank you so much Lord for giving Papa another year to fulfill his purpose in life, to become the best father to us, to become the best husband he can ever be, to correct his mistakes, to become the best Barangay Chairman, and to become the best person to the entire humanity, and especially to You, Lord God.

I love my Papa so much. I am thankful everyday for all his hard-work. I may not see him everyday, nor communicate to him everyday, my love for my Papa is still as very deep and thick as I have loved him when I was a child. It doesn't change a tad. No matter how big the controversies and issues that arise, he is still my father, and I still treat him as the best father in the whole wide world.

I haven't seen my Papa for how many months, now. The last time we've been together was Summer. I haven't gone home, and did not go home last sembreak. He too, has not been able to visit us, and I understand. He is busy earning for a living. He is working very hard to support us, and I will always be grateful for that.

Everything is going to be alright.

Photo Credit to Father-Daughter.


I am a consumer, an eater in simpler terms. I devour food any time of the day.

Last Saturday, Lordee, Chrisia, Grace, and I let our tongues taste the frozen yogurt in Red Mango. It was mouth-watering. I could finish a family size on my own. We drizzled it with some cheesecake and Hershey's choco chips toppings, and customized it with durian candies. With Tricia Gosingtian's photos hanging at the walls in Red Mango, we even had a more happy eating moment. We just adore her.

Last sembreak, I had this as my brunch. It's rice topped with beef loaf, and scrambled egg with some mashed beef loaf, and sandwich spread. 

Last sembreak, I also had this cup of coffee matched with crackers as dawn snacks. I think I was munching this around 3 in the morning. Didn't sleep that day.


you three can kill me now

Yesterday night was 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards, held in Venetian, Macao. Of course, I watched. I wouldn't wanna miss this, with Taeyang and 2NE1 present, and GD and TOP's performance. I have spent like 4 hours watching MAMA, from 6pm to 10pm.

 I am honestly against it being Asian Music Awards, because it was all Korean, and only counted Japanese and Chinese groups and solo artists. I mean, c'mon, they would be ashamed when they hear our local talented singers. Our singers have way better voices than theirs, all bragging aside. Kpop is just overrated. And I would like to declare this official statement for the Nth time, I do not like Kpop generally, I only like Big Bang, and we can add 2NE1 to that. Anyway, I would not care that much, they gave Far East Movement an award, and they performed there. Yey to that! Big Bang and 2NE1 were my aim in MAMA, so I won't ramble so much about it. 

I'm happy for 2NE1 for bagging the awards, and for Taeyang, though he only won one award. Congratulations to you, and to YG Family! 

What was really astonishing about MAMA was YB+GD+TOP performance. It was one hell of a show!

hit me with that!

I think that's not the way how to hold a gun

can you stop being too HOT?

srsly, stop giving me that umph

you girls, beware, I got my eyes on you

Photo credits to iBigBang Fansite.

I would like you to think that I am

I have always claimed that I am busy. Busy doing school work and stuff, but honestly, I am not. I do not even read the bulk of cases we have to read for our oral recitation. I just print them, and pretend that I am busy, but frankly, my days are as unproductive as a winter factory (coz we don't have winters here in the Phily, and how I wish we do).

I have been on hiatus, but I still dawdle my time surfing, jumping sites from here and there. I do not even know why I find an excuse for this noble lie. I am busy, but I am not. Hard as a rock! It's complicated, but I guess I'm the only one who feels this. Busy, but not. That's how I put it in words.

Busy? Perhaps with other things, and not school loads of shiitake mushrooms. Gotta keep this short, because, uhm, I'm busy. *smirks*

Monday, November 08, 2010

burst me like a bubble

Today's the official start of classes for the second semester, but the entire week is technically the adjustment period. The time's alloted for rescheduling and reprinting and all sorts of draining stuff. Not a single shadow of a teacher came in to our classrooms, which is fun, because we can just head off to wherever we want after a lapse of 15 minutes. Anyway, this post should not pertain to classes, but is in a great connection with that. I am in for an announcement. I shall not update this blog, again, for quite a long time, because I shall be busy and hysterical with our upcoming stressful school buzz. Another semester, another agony, another suffering.

On HIATUS 'till I don't freaking know how long.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

I admit it, I'm a Casual Gamer, and I suck

Our uncle, who we call Kuya, the gadget freak, recently arrived from faring the treacherous seas. He added to his gadget collections, the PS3. It is amazing, of course, but I'm a casual gamer, so I miss playing Guitar Hero through his Xbox 360. However, he only lent his PS3 to us, not the Xbox, so might as well abuse it. Anyway, I love God of War. I was addicted to God of War Chains of Olympus, pressing hard the PSP buttons, and seeing it at a very small screen. Now, I am enjoying God of War III at a very big screen. Have not finished playing, though, my brother's playing Uncharted 2, and I don't make time to play. I have beaten Persephone, I must beat Zeus.

Scrolled my PaparazzO album in Facebook, and saw my Guitar Hero obsession. Reliving the moments. This was the time I was still playing the Easy difficulty. I was very friggin' happy with this. Nobody in our family or anybody I know of has reached 616 notes streak. 100% is easy to attain, but a 616 notes streak, na uh!

Shammblaboooos Shang Shang Shang


  • Los Angeles Lakers is amazing. The Renegades (Lakers' bench) is fantastic. The Killer B's, Blake, Barnes, and Brown are awesome. The Starters are astonishing. Kobe is the greatest. I AM A STUPID CRAZY BeeeATCH. Marry me my Shannon Baby Brown, marry me! I am bleeping happy with my Lakers. Yes, I am possessive. I BELIEVE in the 3peat.
  • Nobody can take my belief away from me; you cannot strip belief off me. BELIEVE, it is very powerful.
  • Ecstatic. My POSC 110 grade is finally bleeping OKAY. I waited 1 year for that to be okay, ONE YEAR! Poca, bleep you and your mothahbleeping momah, but really, thank you Poca. The suffering you have inflicted on me has taught me patience, and that God really answers prayers. An answer delayed is not an answer denied.
  • BLEEP! Our schedule is broken. BUAK! It's time to be an INDEPENDENTE!