Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sea Turtle's Lagoon at Tabogon, Cebu

Pardon me for my backlog post. Last Saturday, February 11, was my cousin's 16th birthday. Her name is Hinah. She's a very playful, humorous girl. I guess that's why we are close, because we're kind of the same in terms of insanity and immaturity. She celebrated her birthday at Tabogon. It's up north! Her mommy's aunt is the owner of the Sea Turtle's Lagoon or Villanueva Property in Tabogon. I have already made a post about this paradise *click click* last, last year.

I'm not really in the mood of blabbing right now, because I'm too caught up with City Hunter. The reason why I haven't made time to make a post about this is because I aimed to finish watching the whole series. City Hunter is the best Korean drama ever made, by far. I swear by this. Just like Naruto being the best anime ever. Excuse me for being off-topic. Thus, here are a bunch of photos that I took there using my camera phone. The weather was gloomy and rainy on that day.

Since our camera is dysfunctional in taking pictures, yet functional in taking videos, I took videos of the wonderful place instead. Here's a video of my attempt to a 360-degree coverage of the area. My voice sounds weird and I keep saying "awesome". I'm cray cray!

Here's another video featuring the strong waves. I keep saying "yup yup", "strong waves", and "awesome". Again, I'm crazy! I also practiced movie maker. Song used: Part of Me by Katy Perry.

Hope you find the place AWESOME! It's definitely fun, relaxing, and affordable for family or barkada trips.  It's almost summer. Plan your next summer destination. This one is a must-visit. The place is very peaceful, because it used to be private and had just opened up for public last year. By the way, I heard that the entrance fee is only Php25. And no corkage fee! Haha. You can bring as many food as you like, preferably cooked. You may also ask assistance from the people there. They are very helpful.

If you're interested, you can email me for inquiries about the travel time, transport, fees,
and other expenses at ..that's marsgd24(at)gmail(dot)com
I will try my very best to contact the owner, or at least my aunt, who is the niece of the owner.


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    1. No, I don't live there. Just went there for my cousin's birthday celebration. :)

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  5. gurl, Feb 11 dba birthday ni hinah?..