Thursday, May 26, 2011

DIY Charm Bracelet

When the DIY hype has gotten into me, I grabbed the supplies available at home to DIY some accessories. These stones and crystals are charms, but I don't know what these charms are for. My mom had two charm bracelets which elastic line/nylon cord gave up on themselves, so what's left were the charms and crystals. I just combined them, and I don't have any idea what this charm bracelet is for; what fortune it brings; what it symbolizes, blah, I'm not a feng shui person anyway, I just love accessories!

What you'll need are:
1. charms and crystals
2. elastic line (mom calls it nylon cord, pfft, whatever you prefer)
3. scissors

Steps (they're as easy as one two three, promise):
1. Insert the charms and crystals into the elastic line, length is all up to you, to whatever arrangement you desire
2. Tie the ends of the elastic line tightly
3. Cut the unused ends, and trim it properly. You don't want some ungroomed elastic line popping out there, do you?

See, the steps are easy as one two three! DIY now! ☺


  1. Thanks! Your blog is super cute, and you're so creative!