Sunday, April 08, 2012

Dimebag and The Scenery

The day after April fool's day was my April fun's day with Baby Dime. He's my cousin, but I treat him as my nephew, because I treat his father as my brother, though he's really my uncle. Understood? This kid was named after the legendary guitarist, Dimebag. Cool, huh? I love this cute little fellow. Baby Dime is irresistibly cute and cuddly! He just grew tall, so he's not so cute as he was before. But believe me, when he was just months old, he's a very cute fat baby with squishy round cheeks and eyes a la Puss in Boots.

Anyway, we went to their house then to the Baywalk of Naga, and tried every interesting food that my mouth satiated for. I was so demanding that day. "Ma, buy popcorn! Popcorn! Popcorn!", then got dismayed due to the popcorn's insipid taste. After that, we tried the Halo-Halo de Naga. Come on! Who can resist Halo-Halo on a hot, sunny summer? It was delicious! The slices were just a tad smaller than usual. For dinner, I demanded for Siomai. They say their Siomai is tasty, well, I salute them. Their siomai is indeed tasty, of course, when paired with the flavorful sauce.
the Baywalk

I guess baby Dime did not enjoy his popcorn

he's having fun playing with girls, he's not gay, right?

I'm amazed by these guys, they're playing Sipa't Takraw

Moon. I love the moon!

Guard: I'm cool, yeah.

yummy halo-halo

Kaingin? I'm disappointed.

I think the roof of their municipal hall is inspired by the Louvre

can't stop laughing at this blurry photo of Dime

Looking forward to another fun day with Baby Dime. Play with your cousins, nieces, and nephews. Have fun with them and create happy memories. Them spending their childhood with so much happiness is such a joy to see.


  1. wow that dessert is so colourful! is it supposed to be popular in your country? :) philippines right? oh i must try the halo halo! hehe :D

    1. Yes, Philippines. Halo-halo is very popular in our country, especially during hot weathers like summer. :)

  2. love your photos.. :)

  3. Such great photos! I enjoyed scrolling down and see what's next :) xo akiko