Monday, April 09, 2012

Purple and Gold Organization

Hello, everyone! We have just created the website for the Purple and Gold* Charitable Organization. Please check it out and know more about us. We are just starting out, so we have no projects yet. Since we have no sponsors yet, we will utilize our personal money for our projects. Thus, we will commence this summer 2012. Included in our planned projects are tree planting and giving of Bundles of Joy. 
Follow us and support us in any way you can. Let’s make a difference! :)

Purple and Gold is a Philippine-based charitable organization that aims to eradicate extreme poverty and starvation. Purple and Gold has a Green Chapter that pushes for environment sustainability. It also has Purple and Gold Scholars where it sponsors students in their education.
Vision:  A country where  the Filipino people earn a living to support their whole family, where every family is able to eat three meals a day, where every child enjoys the right to education, where people live in a sustainable environment.
Mission: To uplift the lives of the Filipino people by eradicating extreme poverty and starvation, by sponsoring scholars to attain proper education, and by ensuring environment sustainability for the present and future generations.
What We Do
Purple and Gold goes to poverty-stricken areas in the country and delivers Bundles of Joy and Loot Bags. Bundles of Joy consist of canned goods, noodles, and kilos of rice. Loot Bags contain clothes and school supplies. We also conduct feeding programs and fun activities to the area we visit. We also conduct livelihood programs wherein the resources are abundantly available in their area.
Green Chapter – The Purple and Gold Green Chapter brings awareness about the importance of the environment. We educate the people on how to do ways to help the environment. Our major activity is tree planting.
Purple and Gold Scholars – We basically sponsor students in their education, including tuition fees, books, projects, school supplies, and other expenses. The selection of scholars undergoes a deliberate process so as to ensure that the student will do his best in his or her studies.
Purple and Gold is founded by the sisters, Marcel Oyao Gemilga and Ira Vanessa Oyao Gemilga.
Marcel Oyao Gemilga is a 20-year old unemployed Political Scientist and a soon-to-be Law student. She graduated with honors from the University of San Carlos with a Political Science degree this year.
Ira Vanessa Oyao Gemilga is a 21-year old Registered Nurse. She is currently employed in the RN HEALS Program of the Department of Health. She graduated from Velez College with a Nursing degree last 2011.
Helping other people has already been instilled in the values of these sisters as their parents have taught them charity. The aphorism “Charity starts at home” was true in their case. They considered their father as the most charitable person they personally knew.
Purple and Gold has been conceived in the minds of the sisters when they were still in their high school years. It was a product out of their sheer and pure love for the NBA team, Los Angeles Lakers. Since the NBA has a program called NBA Cares, they got inspired by this and thought of creating the Purple and Gold Organization. Due to the uncertainty of the year it started, Purple and Gold is officially considered founded on April 2012.
Please do follow this blog and be with us in the beginning of our journey to carry out our mission.
*The Purple and Gold Organization is not yet registered in the government as a charitable organization. It is still in process.

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