Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Dare or DARE

Not Truth or Dare; it's Dare or DARE.

After dinner during Leslie's graduation celebration galore last week, we played cards - from unggoy-unggoy to 1234 pass to kalgaburot. We made twists with the games and more twists with the dares. No one was ever allowed to choose Truth, because Truth was not an option.

We had so much fun, that my tummy could explode due to excessive laughter. I miss hanging out with Grace, Dian, and Mona. They are my high school friends, and they are very chill and funny to hang out with. They effortlessly make me laugh. About Leslie, we hanged out the night on my graduation, which I honestly forgot to blog about. I'm sorry. Will be making a post in a short while.

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