Wednesday, June 16, 2010



Sis Ira and I have been sacrificing little things for the Lakers. The Los Angeles Lakers is the most important team of all time for the two of us. Nothing compares to them. They are part of our life. Every time they lose this NBA Finals, we do some sacrifices until they win again. Sis Ira won't surf the net every time they lose, but I have to, for my updates with our crazy school schedule. What I sacrificed for Lakers may be called little, but it's not little for me. I sacrificed BIG BANG for Lakers. I usually keep myself updated with some Big Bang news, but I forced myself not to open any BIGBANG-related sites for my sacrifice every time they lose.

Today, they won Game 6, leading by 22 points. I was elated and thankful to God. Game 7 is Judgement Day, but I believe that Lakers will win. All we can do for the Lakers is to pray, believe, visualize, and think positively, no doubt. The Lakers' victory is like finding the one and only sweet candy in a bowl of spicy chilies.

So help us GOD...

Sunday, June 13, 2010


You may be lost in mortal sight, but not in our hearts and mind. ~Anonymous

Yesterday night, while watching Pilipinas Got Talent, our noses caught smell of creepy flower scent, like in a funeral. We not only smelled it once, but twice, and both last more than a minute. The second time, it even made me irate, because the smell was so strong. We were scared by the smell, because my cousin just recently died. He was shot dead with 5 bullets. Also, today is my late grandmother's birthday. It was so weird, so we just jokingly asked our dead cousin to not let us see his ghost. Today, in the holy mass, I prayed for his soul to rest in peace.

Happy Birthday to our late grandmother. I wish we had more times spent together. I love you. WE love you. We prepared your favorite viand, humba, and we prepared some other food. Though your physical body is not with us, we will still continue to celebrate your birthday.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our Lakers, The Lakers Prayer

Our Lakers who are the Champs.
Basketball be thy game.
Thy repeat will come.
Thy ring will be won.
On the court as well on the stands.
Give us this day our daily chance, and forgive us our fouls as we forgive those who intentionally foul against us.
And lead us not into elimination and deliver us to victory!

Credits to blUeChErry on Youtube

~So help us GOD...

Independence Day

Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan!


Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.~Junrebayla on Flickr

Photo Credits to Mr. Clay on Flickr

A Fantasy into Reality

[May 26-27, 2010 | Sunset Boulevard | Dapitan City]

My Mama promised me that we'll have a trip to Dapitan City this summer. Sis Ira had doubts about that promise, but luckily, Mama made that promise into a reality. Unfortunately, for Sis Ira, she was out of the picture, because she spent her vacation in my aunt's place.

The main target on our trip was FANTASYLAND. I had dreams of going to Dakak, but Mama felt pity for Sis Ira, so we just went to Fantasyland, and promised that we'll go to Dakak this Christmas. Fantasyland is ASTONISHING! Words can't describe the euphoria that engulfed us during our stroll and rides there. We didn't have photos during the rides, because cameras were not allowed inside the rides, but we still took photos in the Fantasyland.
Welcome to Fantasyland!

My first ever bull ride

Caught on camera!

The most horrific horror house, I can still hear the screams

Look how wet my Mama was after taking the Fight Shark ride

This is one scary ride, goosebumps!

With the lovely fairies

with the funny animals and dwarfs

Sunset Boulevard, the beach in front of the pension house we stayed in

while going home

THIS IS FUN. ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Letters

[May 20, 2010]

I haven't started writing the letters, yet. I don't know how to start them. I even have doubts if I'll do this plan. Shall I solve this problem and hope to end the pain or just act like normal, because my action might just cause pain to my mom's slowly healing heart? I have thought of this, because we're all acting cool, now. I know there's still pain somewhere, but my mom just laughs them out.

When I unintentionally went into the Drafts of Mama's phone, I saw a message. I read the message for I was curios. It was a religious message, but it has a personal note on the last part. That message was for Papa. The message was heart-touching. I even cried after reading the message. The message moved me. With that, I shall write the letters. God, help me.

The Ball Pen

[May 20, 2010]

The loathe I am holding against my brother has been in me since the day... ugh, the day I started abhorring him (which is like, 15 years ago). He is the brother anybody would never want. Sis Ira and me have long been holding this grudge against him. I even hate him for I cannot seem to revenge him. Whenever I react or do something to anger him, they don't work. He has his own way of turning them sarcastic.

As I am writing this now (in my notebook), I am using his ball pen or what he claims to be his. He said it's his art pen. I am using this with no intention of vengeance at all. What seems to be my calm gesture of using this pen is a big pain for him. He has asked me the pen, but I refuse to hand it to him and just persisted on writing. Now, he is so angry. Drawing is his only solace in this boring place. Without his art pen, his boredom has grown more. He can't do something to take this pen away from me. Haha, at last, I made him angry; I have took my little vengeance. This feels good. I shall write more. *smirks*

The Best Food (ever)

[May 18, 2010]

Happy Birthday Dong Young Bae!

Tae Yang, you already have existed 22 years on this Earth. You have served us your most delicious abs, your chiseled jaw, and your most luscious lips. They're the best appetizer in the world. You know the best dessert? Of course, your voice and your dance moves with some chocolate syrup. They can never be insipid. Tae Yang, you are mouth-watering. I love you.

Who can resist that insatiable food? Hmmm?

*Photo Credits to iBigBang*


[May 18, 2010]

Ok, I have had enough. I lost 1kg, but now, I gained 2, T-W-O kg. I mean, I have been doing my exhausting exercises, but geez, I can't resist the parties everywhere. The FOOD are driving me crazy.

Eff more, because my ankle got blistered. It never hurt this bad, it's just worse than the blisters I ever had. It's the worst blister of all time. It suddenly aches, I can't even walk well. Damn! Because of this friggin' blister, I can't take my leveled-up hike.

My bowel movement is acting at its worst. I cannot defecate. I have drank 3 glasses of fresh milk, 2 bottles of Yakult, 2 glasses of water with drops of Blue Miracle, ate huge amounts of veggies, ate durian and pineapple, but only released an unsatisfying amount of human dung.

These factors are the reasons why I've gained weight. Mehn! I will just avoid the weighing scale, I can't be saddened by my weight. I shall just focus on my health. I shall be healthy.

Scribble Dribble

[May 13, 2010]

I have told myself that I'll write everyday to fill up my blog, but I guess I've grown tired of writing.

I thought my days here will be completely boring, but on Election Day, it was fun. I had a cat fight with Arbie, the Drama Queen, and a chit chat with Zanet, the Gossip Girl.
Arbie, the Drama Queen

Zanet, the Gossip Girl

My experience as a first-time voter in an automated election is just unforgettable. I was really excited, and thrilled when the PCOS machine rejected my ballot, but swallowed it on the third try.
Mama and me, happy after voting, and having our ballot verified by the PCOS machine

~I lost 1kg since I arrived here. It's only a little difference, but for me, it's a great impact. I have been consuming nutritious food and have been exercising. It's exhausting, though, for I have to wake up as early as 5am just to walk/hike 5 rounds around an oval in the central school. After that, I do hip hop abs. It's even more fun, now, because my Mama is with me. Both of us are sweating our ass off.

~Push the floor, my favorite food have been catapulting towards me. Oooh! This is one of the reasons why I love this place. The food I love, but I intake less in Cebu, are abundant here, and... they're FREE! Thank you, Lord Jesus!

The Beginning

[May 9, 2010]

We have just arrived form the Queen City of the South. No grand welcome was prepared for us, yet I felt happy within. I'm home. This place will always be my home, it doesn't possess all of my worldly material needs, but it treasures all of my childhood memories. This home is the chest box of my life.

I'm happy, somehow, but pleasure is not the word I can associate with the situation I am placed into. Of course, there's a big difference between happiness and pleasure. I'm not pleasured with the lack of all my comfortable commodities here. Well, I can reside with the absence of internet and TV cable, but I cannot seem to live peacefully with no air conditioner. It's not that I'm acting arte, but the humidity in this place just causes great suffering.

This is just the beginning of our 3-week stay here, and I am wondering on what will I do for the next few days. I am bored, but I know that tomorrow I won't be, tomorrow is Elections Day, and I'm going to be with my most-loved young cousins. Tomorrow is another day, but I will survive, or at least I'll try to.

~~I'm sad. I haven't brought some books with me. What shall I do with my past time? Oh no!

Happy Mother's Day Mama Gemma! I am very grateful for everything that you have done for us, for your sacrifices, and all. I apologize for all our faults. I wish I could find that article I have written for you when I was in Grade 5. That was the best article I have done that is dedicated for you. I love you so much.

Date Crasher

The following posts shall not be attuned to the current date. I went home to my native land and just wrote my ramblings in a notebook. Now is the time to write them all up in my blog.