Sunday, June 02, 2013

Calolot Mountain Resort

Who said resorts can only be found in beaches and seas? Even mountains can have resorts, too, you know. But if you were to ask the elementary me on what to name this swimming area, I would rather call it a spring. Spring is more fitting than a resort, that was what I thought when I was a kid. Since I'm not the owner, my voice has no value. Besides, it's too trivial a matter to push for. And you know what? It is indeed a resort, because it's a place that people often go to for relaxation and recreation (according to thefreedictionary). See? I had to read its meaning to enlighten the little brain that I have.

Despite this enticing hill across the river, let us take a break from my trekking series, shall we?

Calolot Mountain Resort is located in the municipality of Tambulig, Zamboanga del Sur. Tambulig is a neighbor of my hometown, Molave. I usually spend a month of my summer vacation in Tambulig (as I did this summer), because most of my relatives are there. Calolot Mountain Resort is popularly called Reservoir. I honestly do not know the reason behind, but my theory tells me that it's probably the source of water in the town. Hence, the Reservoir term. The water from this mountain is oozing and unlimited, and has no turn off power. It flows freely, without any dam to store and regulate the flow (or maybe there is a dam or storage that I do not know of). My heart aches at that fact, thinking of how limited our supply of water is in the urban areas. Well, nature has it's unique way, and I hope that this water will flow forever.

Strutting the Mango sunglasses, which sadly, is not mine. Boo.

Buddies in photo ops. By that, I mean, they take every opportunity to have photos of themselves.

My dear cousins, have pity to the life preserver/salbabida.

Cold swimming pool! This is the adult area. There is a children's pool in the other side.

Effortlessly defying the strong current of the river. Brave cousins, nephews, and nieces.

Calolot Mountain Resort used to be the sole place in Tambulig which has swimming pools, but now, a new swimming pool was opened in Dolino's Der Garten Resort. I'll blog about that in another entry. By the way, Calolot Mountain Resort is very affordable. Their entrance fee is 20php, I think, which can still be haggled. Children are free to enter. Their cottages are only 100 to 200php, I suppose, and can also be haggled. They have no corkage fee. There are stores inside, but I think they do not sell viands. When you are in Zamboanga del Sur, I hope you can visit this resort. It also very easy to get there. One can ride a motorcycle from the public terminal, public market or the crossing, and it may cost 10 to 20php. Relaxation and recreation at a low cost!

Discover Mindanao. It's more fun in the Philippines!

Date: April 23, 2013