Thursday, April 29, 2010

Big Bangin' Dreams

I guess thousands of fangirls and VIPs alike dream about Big Bang, and most, if not all, would never desire to wake up just to be with Big Bang, even only in their dreams. I, as one of the fortunate ones, have dreamed of Big Bang, not just once, but thrice.

The first dream I had with Big Bang happened last year's summer. The scene was in a pier. I suddenly saw the complete Big Bang, five sexy, ovary-exploding guys. In my dream, I approached them and asked GD if he knew how to speak English. Hell, I know I was speaking Korean when I asked him that. GD affirmed, and... and my dream just hanged up on me.

The second dream was the dirtiest dream I had, yet the dream I would like to have every night of my life. I was with a fellow VIP, Chrisia, and we were in a room filled with GD's Heartbreaker posters. Yes, the posters were exciting enough, and an old lady, who I suppose, the owner of the room even told us to be careful, because GD is a GOD. Geez, GD a God? What? God of sexiness? It doesn't end there, what's more exciting is Tea Yang being physically with us. Jesus! He was half-naked and barefooted. He was lying on the bed, covering his lower body with a thin blanket. Chrisia and I, having our sexual hormones dormant for some time became aggressively active. We tried to rape him. We jumped over to YB and spread his legs wide open, showered him with our kisses, and just felt him. It was just nasty, but tasty, and... and the game was over.

The third dream happened just recently. In my dream, I just arrived at a house, and I think fellow VIP Xtine owned that crib. When I went to the second floor of the house, I saw CL. CL wore a wardrobe that I know she already wore in real life. Xtine told her that I was a huge fan of her. CL approached me and told me to forget everything about me, because from that day onwards, I will be CL, and she will be me. I was totally thrilled at what she had said to me. After that, I told them that GD, Tae Yang, and Dae Sung will be arriving. When I peeped at the window, I saw them riding a motorcycle, taking a park in front of the house. I jumped with excitement and immediately ran down to welcome them. I waved hello to YB and DS, but they didn't even notice me. They were running towards a little store, leaving me with an impression that they were ignorants. Their outfit was yet another outfit I saw them wear before in real life. Surprisingly, when I approached GD, his outfit changed. Weird! What was I suppose to expect, it was a dream, anyway. He was wearing an ordinary green shirt and a cap. When I was already standing in front of him, he exclaimed, "Wow! Green! I love green!". And I saw myself wearing a green shirt or waving a green handkerchief. I am unsure, dreams are just so dynamic. I didn't know what to respond to GD. I can't say I love green, too, for I hated Boston Celtics and I am not for G1BO, so I just gave him my sweetest, somehow fake smile. I was shocked when I noticed GD's eyebrows. It was hilarious. His eyebrows were obviously covered by thick concealer, well, only the upper half of it. I asked him why the hell he has that, and he answered that his eyebrows were accidentally shaved off. Mehn! What could go right in my dreams. Then, I heard my phone ringing, it was not my dream anymore, it was my dad calling. Argh! What a wrong timing!

When I woke up, I realized why GD had those eyebrows in my dream. The other day, we watched MY BEST FRIEND'S GIRL, and in the movie, the guy's eyebrows were accidentally shaved off. Quite funny how dreams really get related to your awake life.

Hmm, so much for those Big Bangin' dreams, but their not really much. I long for more Big Bangin' dreams, make it dirty as it can be. *grins*

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Glory and Agony of G-Dragon

The best video ever made for G-Dragon. The video really summarizes the words Glory and Agony of G-Dragon. It narrates what GD has to go through just to become successful as he is now, how he just hides the pain away from the evil eyes of the media, how he still manages to give us, the VIPs, a great stage. This video brought tears to the VIPs.

G-Dragon - Shine a Light Concert - Glory and Agony
*click to watch the video*

"If you can't shine alone, we will become your light". ~VIPs

"The name goes beyond a trend and becomes a brand, becomes the best brand".


Happy BirthDAE

I was supposed to make this better post about Dae Sung on his actual birthday, though I was able to, it did not consist of his photos.

My apologies, Dae Sung happiness, but I was busy making you a Trending Topic on Twitter that day. We made you reach the 2nd spot, though. We actually aimed for 1st, happiness, but some disrespectful-bad-timer ELFs ruined that aim. Oh well, at least Kpop dominated the TT's on that day, and when you were out, your greatest Big Bang ruled thereafter.

Here's the screen shot of #happybirthDAE on 2nd place.

Here's a screen cap of Big Bang on the 4th place. I don't know if they made it to the top, I was already out. Before I got out, this was their place. Obvious Kpop domination! But Bieshiter thinks he belongs to the Kpop world, he's doing the I♥, too, sorry kid, you can't beat our Kpop stars.

Happy Birthday KANG DAE SUNG

Born on April 26, 1989. Now 21 years old, but 22 in Korea, still young in the hearts of the VIPs. You who brightens up our day, you, whose voice brings chills to our spines, you, your happiness, Dae Sung! I♥DaeSung. :P

~Do not mistake me with my use of term HAPPINESS for Dae Sung. If people call someone in higher ranks, YOUR HIGHNESS, well, that's similar with me calling Dae Sung, your Happiness. :D

Monday, April 26, 2010

Can't Stop

It's early in the morning, 1AM, and here I am, still wide awake. I cannot stop myself from posting. I want to write about so much things, but I should sleep now, to wake up early. What the hell am I doing? Though I definitely have to sleep now, I still posted. I mean, c'mon! I should stop now. I can't control my hands and the pour of thoughts.

Happy Birthday DAE SUNG!
I'm going to write a better post tomorrow in celebration of Dae Sung's birthday.

Goodbye, then. :|

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Short Post

I am colossally amazed that I was able to write 3 posts (this is the 4th) today. I am the single most lazy person in the history of all lazy persons. This is actually an achievement. Oh hail, praise thee! I cannot stop writing, thoughts just keep flowing in my head (Jason Derulo). I am in great desire to write about my dream this morning which consisted of CL, Dae Sung, Tae Yang, and my one and only G-Dragon, but it will be long, and I have to do the Hip Hop Abs. I, as much as I want to proceed with my post, shall cast my farewell. :)


Oh, it's not another health problem I'm having, it's the GUITAR HERO FEVER, baby!!! My Kuya is a gadget-freak, and being one, he's got Xbox 360; every gamer's dream, and possession. Guitar Hero is one of my numerous addictions, and when Kuya's here, it's pure rock 'n roll! Of course I take a break, and I am not good in rocking those blue and orange buttons, so I dwell in the easy difficulty. At least I don't miss the notes too much, and it elates me. I just enjoy getting a hand at the guitar controller, feeling that I'm one hot rock star, tilting it for the star power, and using that whammy, yoooooo!!!

My favorite are Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, and World Tour, because I can sing along with the songs. Other Guitar Heroes, hmmm, I just can't relate to the songs. Anyway, Guitar Hero rocks, because they say that I rock, and I ROCK!


I am certainly not a doctor, and though my Mama studied all Medical Courses (except Nursing) and my sister is currently studying Nursing, they did not diagnose me. I diagnosed myself with some diseases, though I'm unsure if I really have them, I did my own research and listed down things that could prevent these illnesses from being severe. Quite a feeler of me, eh?

When I was a kid, I had extreme fever. After being checked by the doctor, they said I had kidney problems, and told me to avoid salty foods. But hey, I was a kid, I couldn't do that, until now. Someone also told me that I have UTI or Urinary Tract Infection. Now, I crave for Ampalaya too much, and it's a theory that when you crave for something too much, it means that a nutrient of that food is needed by your body. Ampalaya is a good food for kidneys. I sometimes experience lower back pains, too. When I asked Mama what it meant, she said it was the kidneys. I also have abnormal urinations.

Because of my observed symptoms, I did some research. One of the symptoms of dysfunctional kidneys is excessive nighttime urination, and I have that. I even hate it so much, because it disturbs my sleep.

My regular exercise, my healthy meals, and my drink-plenty-of-water practice are very helpful in making my kidneys healthy. I just have to maintain these daily routines, and I will live a healthy life.

I have another self-diagnosis, I have super abnormal sleeping problems. I don't know how to control my sleep, I just suddenly fall asleep. I experience insomnia, but this ain't no insomnia. Mama and Sis Ira don't agree with me that it's sleep apnea, either. I don't know what this illness is. I don't know the remedies for it, too. I can only think about having enough sleep. Perhaps it will alleviate my abnormal sleeping problem.

I am also anxious about other illnesses, because I experience right stomach pains, and right shoulder muscle cramps. Am I the receptacle of all illnesses? Oh please God, heal me.

Getting Serious

I always had a hard time deciding whether I should loose weight or not. Since it is absolutely impossible for me to lessen my food intake, I did not do something to loose weight. My eating habit is just plainly abnormal. I eat TOO much. I do NOT exercise. I am VERY lazy, I do NOT move. Which normal person would loose weight in those situations?

This summer, I decided that I should step up and do some action. I will die early with these fats deposited in my body. I am doing Hip Hop Abs daily, a dance work out for only 30 minutes, but the perspiration contents me. Honestly, I only did it for 4 days, but I will maintain it until the end of summer. I also eat less rice, lately. 1 cup of rice every meal is what I am trying to control. Though, at times, I cheat, but I still eat less rice than my normal rice intake, which is abnormal. I also drink plenty of water, now. I eat less pork and beef, too, mama always cooks fish for us.

The great problem just hanging around the corner is the huge supply of chocolates and sweets stocked in our house. Our house never gets empty with food, especially sweets, but now, chocolates are punching me. My uncle, who I call older brother, arrived last Friday, he's a seaman, and we shopped chocolates form Duty Free. I can't neglect those yummy goodness, those heaven packed in wrappers. No, not ever, they are my guilty pleasure. Though, soon, they will empty out, because our house got so much big mouth lusting for those chocolates. So I guess I will loose weight. I do not aim sexiness, I aim a healthy body, no more health risks. :D

Thursday, April 08, 2010


Due to inevitable instances that hindered me from updating my blog on the day of my birthday, and on the days after, I was unable to narrate my legality day.

The day a beautiful (I shall praise myself at times) baby was born, January 31, 1992 at 1:30am, that was the day the Earth held Mars on its fortress.

Most debuts are celebrated with elegance, with great budget set aside just for the party, with grandeur, with moments that shall be worth reminiscing, with all the pleasure, with all attention for the débutante, and with everything that goes in between. I, as one of the people who sometimes reside in simplicity, chose to celebrate it in a low-profile type.

Our family is encountering numerous problems, since I love our family so much, I cannot afford to be happy with our state. It is not that we have financial problems, because I gained much money for my birthday celebration. I still even got some bills right now, enough to buy concert DVDs of GD's Shine a Light, and Big Bang's Big Show and Electric Love. Our problem is a FAMILY problem, which I impliedly posted last January. TRIVAL, there's no such word. Basically, that's the reason why I didn't have a typical debut.

Though I did not celebrate my debut with what was so much expected, I still treated my friends and family with some birthdays specials. My birthday celebration was unintentionally divided into 4 special parts. First was the birthday bash my fellow TOMBS gave me. It was such a nice surprise. I almost shed sparkling tears with that unexpected party poppers. It was followed by a dinner at Yellowcab, my treat! Second was a house party with my family and best butts. Third was a dinner at TGIF's with Mami Til, followed by a take-out purchase of Yellowcab pizza. Fourth was a lunch at Cheaverz.

A few captured moments. The pictures vomit FUN!

"The TOMBS' surprise"

"Dinner at Yellowcab"

"Best Butts Leslie and Meg"

"VIPs Chrisia and Bianca"

"Dinner at TGIFs with Mami Til, Sistahs Ira and Lovelie"

"Enjoying the pizza with Mama"

What a better way to spice up the excitement... Vice Ganda joined the party!

I might not have celebrated my birthday with fame and fortune, but I still turned 18, and I was, and still is, grateful for another life that God has given me. The greatest gift of turning 18 - Life. I know the real essence of turning 18; of happiness; of family. This life that God has given, is another life to continue to be a steward of God's creation; to continue existing on Earth, deciphering my purpose.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Shoe Shots

Well, I was pretty crazy about my shoes. Now, I'm bored with it. I demand a new one. Here are a few shots which were taken when my shoes were still new, I think that was November. The images are awful, because I took it using my old phone. And oh! All bragging aside, I have a new phone, but we're talking about my shoes, so here it is!

Pretty cool, huh?

Anyway, I want to have a pair of Jeremy Scott's Adidas. These shoes are DOPE!

These shoes were actually worn by 2NE1, and GD has worn one, too, the one with Swarovski crystals.

2NE1 with JEREMY SCOTT himself.

Credits to the photo sources. All my love for you!

I went off the page. Till then!

Friday, April 02, 2010

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Had I not experienced it firsthand, I would not conclude that it is true. A series of unfortunate events actually happened to us. From October last year until God-knows-when, these events shook us. It was like a curse being casted upon us. Seems like we have to cut a rosary, because the chain of reaction doesn't stop.

I shall focus on smaller events, those stuff which are unworthy of sweat.
[Don't sweat the small stuff, and it's all small stuff. Really? All small stuff? You're kidding me, Richard Carlson, right?]

As we have observed, it all started with our remote control. Since we have no remote control to use, we just used the control on the side of our TV. After several times of using it (more like abusing it), it's function was disrupted. Every time we push the + sign for channel, it turns off. On the other hand, when the - sign is pushed, the menu pops out. It still acts abnormally up until now, but we have practiced the method of lessening its abnormal function. After the remote control and TV's destruction, the door of our rest room broke down. That doesn't stop there. Our rice cooker doesn't cook anymore, it doesn't function.

We went to Hoffmann's branch at our place. Since we still have a one-year warranty, we asked for a remote control replacement. UNFORTUNATELY, they have a limited stock of it. To make the long story short, until now, we don't have a remote control, and we still suffer from the abnormal function of our TV. The door of our CR was repaired. For the rice cooker, we bought a new one.

Sounds harmonious, eh? UNFORTUNATELY, our newly-bought rice cooker is dysfunctional, again. It even went down at a very wrong timing, the day before Holy Thursday. GREAT! Establishments are closed during Holy Week. It means that we can't go to the mall, and use our one-year warranty for the rice cooker. Life is simply amazing! RIGHT?!

Those are just from the unfortunate house events, our unfortunate school events are unfathomable. My brother even said that if he were in our situation, he would give up. I am an optimist, so I did not give up, and I never will.

I know most people have experienced this or somehow similar to this. A specified time and date, in simpler terms, a deadline, was so close. You are encoding a very important document. You are going to save it. Suddenly, you're computer lags, and hangs, and you're document closes. You have not saved it yet. You cannot recover it. Only one hour is left before the deadline. What you were doing is absolutely long, and cannot be accomplished within one hour only. Suicide? You could jump off a bridge. Come, I'll lead you the way.

Hilarious, but on the actual moment, you could just die, you'd wish you were not born here on Earth.

I forgot to mention, our laptop is nerve-blasting f*cking slow. It lags and hangs and it's just the total worst laptop in the history of laptops. Our printer is also a dysfunctional whore sh*t. Am getting real cranky with these unfortunate events.