Thursday, April 22, 2010

Getting Serious

I always had a hard time deciding whether I should loose weight or not. Since it is absolutely impossible for me to lessen my food intake, I did not do something to loose weight. My eating habit is just plainly abnormal. I eat TOO much. I do NOT exercise. I am VERY lazy, I do NOT move. Which normal person would loose weight in those situations?

This summer, I decided that I should step up and do some action. I will die early with these fats deposited in my body. I am doing Hip Hop Abs daily, a dance work out for only 30 minutes, but the perspiration contents me. Honestly, I only did it for 4 days, but I will maintain it until the end of summer. I also eat less rice, lately. 1 cup of rice every meal is what I am trying to control. Though, at times, I cheat, but I still eat less rice than my normal rice intake, which is abnormal. I also drink plenty of water, now. I eat less pork and beef, too, mama always cooks fish for us.

The great problem just hanging around the corner is the huge supply of chocolates and sweets stocked in our house. Our house never gets empty with food, especially sweets, but now, chocolates are punching me. My uncle, who I call older brother, arrived last Friday, he's a seaman, and we shopped chocolates form Duty Free. I can't neglect those yummy goodness, those heaven packed in wrappers. No, not ever, they are my guilty pleasure. Though, soon, they will empty out, because our house got so much big mouth lusting for those chocolates. So I guess I will loose weight. I do not aim sexiness, I aim a healthy body, no more health risks. :D

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