Thursday, April 22, 2010


I am certainly not a doctor, and though my Mama studied all Medical Courses (except Nursing) and my sister is currently studying Nursing, they did not diagnose me. I diagnosed myself with some diseases, though I'm unsure if I really have them, I did my own research and listed down things that could prevent these illnesses from being severe. Quite a feeler of me, eh?

When I was a kid, I had extreme fever. After being checked by the doctor, they said I had kidney problems, and told me to avoid salty foods. But hey, I was a kid, I couldn't do that, until now. Someone also told me that I have UTI or Urinary Tract Infection. Now, I crave for Ampalaya too much, and it's a theory that when you crave for something too much, it means that a nutrient of that food is needed by your body. Ampalaya is a good food for kidneys. I sometimes experience lower back pains, too. When I asked Mama what it meant, she said it was the kidneys. I also have abnormal urinations.

Because of my observed symptoms, I did some research. One of the symptoms of dysfunctional kidneys is excessive nighttime urination, and I have that. I even hate it so much, because it disturbs my sleep.

My regular exercise, my healthy meals, and my drink-plenty-of-water practice are very helpful in making my kidneys healthy. I just have to maintain these daily routines, and I will live a healthy life.

I have another self-diagnosis, I have super abnormal sleeping problems. I don't know how to control my sleep, I just suddenly fall asleep. I experience insomnia, but this ain't no insomnia. Mama and Sis Ira don't agree with me that it's sleep apnea, either. I don't know what this illness is. I don't know the remedies for it, too. I can only think about having enough sleep. Perhaps it will alleviate my abnormal sleeping problem.

I am also anxious about other illnesses, because I experience right stomach pains, and right shoulder muscle cramps. Am I the receptacle of all illnesses? Oh please God, heal me.

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