Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer Trekking Part 2 of 4

The day after my first summer trekking this year, we trekked again to the same mountain. We sort of had a picnic on top of the mountain to celebrate the birthday of my aunt. We planned to let the night dim on us. We then had bonfire when night caved in. We went down in the evening. It was quite scary to spend the night in the mountain, because of some monster myths, but we were having too much fun that we shun the fear away. The adventurous spirit in us deserves a slow clap.



Dragon? Seahorse? Duck? What do you see?

My brother has a ghost twin.

Credits to Indie for the photos.

The most fun picnic I ever had! It rained in the afternoon, so we had to seek a roof to save us from getting wet. Good thing there was a little hut near the area. We ate our dinner there and shared our food with the owners. We literally had a boodle fight! A first.

Date: May 1, 2013

Summer Trekking Part 1 of 4

Trekking is my sport or hobby. I do trekking almost every summer, and I consider it as the most fun adventure, mainly because I do not suck at it as I do in most sports. More than that, I trek with my family and relatives. As I always say, whatever I do, if I do it with my family, that activity will always be special.

Credits to Indie for the photos.

I'm making this post short and brief, because there are still more posts coming. I, myself, am baffled on where I am drawing my energy from to blog multiple posts in a day. Oh well. I regret nothing.

Date: April 30, 2013

The Mactan Newtown

Honestly, I have no informative content about Mactan Newtown. This post is just my way of proclaiming that I am back into blogging, inspired by the word "new" from Newtown. The resurrection of my blog. I had one of the best summers. I may not have traveled to different tourist spots and all, but I've spent my summer with the people I love, and we did extreme adventures. That's my kind of thing. Family + Adventure = Happiness. Nothing can replace the moments spent with my family. It's just priceless. Pardon me for being sentimental. I am back in Cebu, after a month of vacation in my homeland. I miss my relatives. Now, enough with that. Let's get back on track.

As of April 2013, McDonald's was the only food chain in Mactan Newtown.

Cute dolphin fountain! Notice that big roof over there? That's a Catholic church. Mactan Newtown is actually just across that church.

Summer sunset.

A view from the inside of McDo.

I feel safe in Mactan Newtown. Notice the guard? They were roving around while we were there.

Hopefully, there are new additions in what we dub as the IT Park in Lapu-Lapu City, aside from Pueblo Verde. I actually like Mactan Newtown. I can't wait for more restaurants to open up there, soon. My gastronomy will make me fatter. Visit Mactan Newtown, okay?