Tuesday, April 09, 2013

ZOOmbie Apocalypse

Nope, I did not misspell zombie with a double O. I intentionally spelled it that way. By the way, it's summer!!!!!!!!! Forgive me for the multiple exclamation points. You know how summer makes me feel. Since it's summer, I'm going to blog about backlog posts. Another backlog post. What's new?  My blog's now immune on backlog posts. Inactive blog is what I pay for a successful first year of law school. We need to sacrifice sometimes. Please let me be joyful and thankful for that. Praise the Lord!

On to my entry. Last October 2012, my best friends and I went to Cebu Zoo. However, on the night before, I slept over at Leslie's house. The day after, we went to Meg's house. Then, we went to Cebu Zoo. When night caved in, we went to a Zombie House. Is the ZOOmbie spelling clear now? I really had to narrate the events in a chronological order to show the connection, and to make my point with the ZOOmbie. Zoo + zombie = zoombie. Get it? har har.

Excuse us for our vanity. It's unusual.

Meg's cute siblings. Mira's Halloween costume!

Aren't we cool? Scaredy cat cool.

Check our videos out! They're our videos in the Zombie House. It was hella fun! The best Zombie House I've ever been to. Well, it's the first zombie house I've been to, but I've been to some horror houses in the past. Believe me, this one is not an ordinary horror house. We had to collect 4 items in 7 minutes and protect ourselves from the zombies by shooting them! It was action-packed. Plus! They film our Zombie House experience and upload them on YouTube. Super cool! I sure do hope that there will be a Zombie House 2013. Please like FMJ & CO and perhaps contact them.

Meg and Mars (Stage 2 and Run - Stage 1)

Leslie and Jethro (Stage 2)

Leslie and Jethro (Run - Stage 1)

Happy summer, guys. Don't bask too much under the sun. Enjoy! :)