Saturday, May 21, 2011

DIY Hanging Beads Bracelet

I made this DIY bracelet the other night because I was so inspired by the blogs I visited which teach DIYs, although I didn't patent this bracelet from their DIY's. 

DIY-ing this bracelet was too easy for me, because the chain and the clasps were already attached. This was actually an old bracelet (oldness marked by the chipped off silver coating) given by my aunt to my mom. It only had one hanging silver butterfly design near the clasps. So, I didn't have a hard time attaching chains and clasps, but had them attaching the hanging beads and charms. Even though it was not super easy making them, the finished product made me smile. I'm proud of my own work. Hee. I DIY-ed three bracelets that night. I'll post the photos soon.

I love to DIY! I can't wait to DIY necklaces, especially the fringe necklace and the spring/floral bow necklace. I just haven't bought chains, clasps, and cloth, yet. I really have this DIY spirit in me, I remember, I used to DIY bracelets back in 6th grade. I also have DIY-ed 3 denims the past few months, which are now cut-offs. Let's get the DIY groovin' and booty shakin'!

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