Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer Sunscream 2011 and the No No


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Well, yeah, Summer Sunscream is done, it's over, the party has ended. What I have are the photos of our experience and a few side comments.

*me at the center*  I'm wearing a thrifted printed sheer button down , DIY shorts, accessories c/o Extreme Finds & Patricia Prieto (thank you both), and Havaianas slippers.



Summer Sunscream won't be fun if you don't know how to have fun. Yes, there are bands and live music, the beach, foods and drinks, and a dance floor for the party people. However, the place cannot hold more than 10,000 people. People cannot move freely and comfortably. There was also that money-to-stub system. Some people may complain about it, but I understand that system. It's more hassle-free. 

What I (and perhaps all of us who were there) highly rants about are the overpriced food and drinks. The bottled water which normally costs 10 pesos was sold there for 50 pesos! A pitcher of beer is 150 pesos! A shawarma and shawarma rice which cost 40 and 50 pesos, respectively, were sold there at 60 and 70 pesos, respectively. The ticket which was supposed to be sold at 200pesos on that particular day (May 21) was sold at 250pesos! That fully-air conditioned tent can't suffice, either. The tent was too little, it was overcrowded. It was too hot inside, we were soaking up in sweat, even though we did not bathe in the beach. And, we had to walk a very long mile to get to the real place of party! 

Anyhow, we did have fun, because we know how to have fun. We may have these negative comments, but it won't get in the way of us having fun and living the moment. We just love to paaarrttyyyy!!! 

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