Saturday, June 04, 2011

DIY Green Stones Bracelet

Another DIY bracelet that I made together with the DIY Charm Bracelet and the DIY Hanging Beads Bracelet. I brought my DIY hype into a pause, because I've been spending all my cash (as if I have lots of it) for accessories. My vision for fringe necklace and spring bow necklace is on a blur.

Call me a loser, but the DIY level in this bracelet is just the elastic line and my effort of inserting these stones into it. That was only it. Originally, this was a bracelet with this exact appearance. It was given by my aunt, which was given by her sister from the U.S. The thought of it from a very rich lady (my aunt's sister) makes me value these precious stones (look at them, they look like Tibetan Spiderweb Green Stones!). So when the original elastic line of this bracelet was on the verge of breaking, I just ended its 50-50 life, and patented the original design into the new elastic line, and gave it another life.

1. green stones
2. metallic flower-shaped beads
3. elastic line
4. scissors

1. Insert the green stones and the metallic flower-shaped beads into the elastic line alternately
2. Tie the ends of the elastic line
3. Cut the excess elastic line

LOL. I instruct easy breezy DIY's. That is because my DIYs are dependent on the materials available at home. I don't wanna spend a dime for accessories, anymore, at this moment. Hope to hit the play button on my DIY hype later on. Cheeyaaah!

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