Monday, September 26, 2011

I am the DUMBEST

I am the dumbest. LOL. Sometimes, when I tweet, I am absent-minded. I don't think twice before I hit a tweet. So I end up being stabbed in a forum, which I just knew of. HAHA. Mehn! People read my tweets? LOL. These people made me laugh so hard although I must sink in humiliation because I'm the dumbest. BAAHAA

The thing is, #FoodandLiquor became a trending topic last month or so, I'm not sure. It is the album of Lupe Fiasco. So I tweeted "I may not be a #FoodandLiquor fan or a die-hard fan of Lupe Fiasco, but Written in the Stars is one of my favorite songs". LOL. That tweet caused a stir in a forum in Why? Because Lupe Fiasco does NOT have that song! That song was by Tinnie Tempah! I just laugh, because what I meant in my tweet was THE SHOW GOES ON. It is one of my favorite songs. The reason why I have tweeted Written In The Stars is because I got addicted with these two songs at the same time, so I interchange their rappers most of the time. Major boo for me.

I don't deserve to be talked about because I am no one, but I deserve that stab because I'm so dumb. haha.

I apologize to you, Lupe Fiasco fans. I'm sorry, guys, okay? Most importantly, I apologize to you, Lupe Fiasco. 

Here's the link of the forum. Here are the screen caps.
Yes guys, you know what to do. ^_______________^

First Result in Google Search

When you Google "EATOF Appreciation Dinner", my post in Tumblr is the first result that comes out. 

I know this is too petty and small of an achievement. It's just it's kind of awesome because, unlike searching our names, they come out first, except if your name is so common. This one is different. Whatever. Love me or hate me, I'm blogging about this. If Jel didn't inform me about this, I wouldn't know. Thank you, Jel, you made my night. Here is the link of the result. Here's the screen cap.

a closer look
Weeeh! I'm still a little, fat child who gets delighted with the smallest of things.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

EATOF Appreciation Dinner

Last Friday Night, an Appreciation or Thanksgiving Dinner was held in the Social Hall of the Cebu Provincial Capitol, in lieu of the successful East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum (EATOF) 2011. All the people involved in the success of EATOF were invited to the Dinner. We were invited because we were the EATOF Assistant Liaison Officers, in general.

Before the Dinner (eating time) started, Governor Gwen Garcia awarded the people who have majorly contributed to the success of EATOF. She distributed plaques of gratitude to them. As we were the Assistant Liaison Officers of EATOF 2011, we were also given certificates. However, Governor Garcia did not personally hand the certificates to us. She gave them to Dr. Espina, who was one of our heads in EATOF, and was given to us during that night.

We were all so elated to receive our certificate with our name printed on it. Unfortunately, my name was spelled wrong, so as few others. We had to have them corrected. Good thing, the officers in the Capitol were so kind to accommodate to our demands of correction. Our certificates can be claimed tomorrow at the Capitol. 

During the Dinner (eating time), we feasted unto the buffet table and stashed the delicious food of Cafe Laguna on our plates. We devoured our food in less than an hour. With our appetite drives sated, we then grabbed the opportunity to take photos with Governor Gwen Garcia, EATOF Protocol Officer Mr. Angel Espiritu, and with our fellow EATOF Assistant Liaison Officers. By the way, Governor Gwen is so kind, approachable, and of course, beautiful. We mobbed to her just to take photos with her, and she was so patient with us. Thank you, Governor Gwen, for the photos, the food, and most importantly, for the Appreciation.

with Governor Gwen Garcia

with fellow EATOF Assistant Liaison Officers

with my fellow ALO, DLOs, and PLOs of Vietnam

with the prettiest ladies of the night

After the Appreciation Dinner, some of our fellow EATOF Assistant Liaison Officers went out to have an after party. Tombs Society did not go with them. We had our reasons. Honestly, I wanted to go out and party, but my body needs a rest. Even without going out to the after party, we had fun, anyway.

I deserve a kick in the head for not bringing my own camera that night. My mind was so preoccupied with the decision of bringing my laptop that day for our project-making that I forgot about bringing my camera. Boo me. Anyway, credits to the people who took our photos. I'm very grateful to you, guys.

P.S. Will update the post with new photos as soon as the other photographers upload their photos. Teehee

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Le Cafe Noir

This post is a reblog from The Nostalgic Primavera.
Check out the Facebook Page of Le Cafe Noir.

Before anything else, good thing I brought a camera with me! Well, it was really intended for EATOF’s Appreciation Night last night, but I ended up leaving it in the car. Anywhoo, yesterday morning, we went to our classmate’s family’s newly opened cafe/restaurant. Instead of making projects, assignments, and the like, we ended up eating our hearts out and of course, playing computer games (GUILTY AS CHARGED! LOL :P). 
spot mars and I. :P
yummy cakes and pastries!!!
paintings in the wall
the meeting room. say hello to my busy bee classmates! :)
The foods!!!!
I swear this is the best chicken I’ve tasted! Right Lordee? :P
Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet
delish cupcakes courtesy of Santi’s mother. Thanks tita! 
Look at me, devouring a cupcake! :P
suman with chocolate syrup and turon. Attack agad, gow!!
Red Devil: Haven’t tasted this one but it sure looks yummy, don’t you think?
Red Velvette: This is super delish, swear!!!
the proud GF, and my PLL buddy, Leane. :)
L-R: Mars, Mel, Lordee, StarJo and Jason at the back playing with the pc. :P
The owners…
Le Cafe Noir is the place to be. Perfect for meetings, study groups, or just plain chill outs. *two thumbs up*
Thank you for having us! We promise to visit again soon. :D
For more information, visit their Facebook page.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Week That Was

Right now, I don't really wanna talk about EATOF, because it's going to be verbose or perhaps it's better for me not to talk about my sentiments for EATOF - confidential . My heart is just in an area of meditation and reflection. I haven't felt this way for a very long time. Confusion envelopes me as my feelings and emotions struggle to inform my brain what they want to convey. I don't understand what I'm feeling. I feel that I'm in love, yet I feel hurt and betrayed. However, nothing ever happened. Nostalgic mood keeps recurring in my system. I feel that I miss someone or something, but I do not know who or what. Something is missing in my life. I feel pain deep within. Loneliness is eating up my heart. I do not know what to do because I do not know what is happening to me. I am really baffled.

Dear Lord, help me. I do not want to feel this way. I have so much things to worry and think about than this confusing feeling. Heal me. Make me understand, and bestow me what my emotions are longing for, whatever they may be. I need to find myself, Lord God. Be with me.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

New Look and New Domain -

Second night of my blog reconstruction is changing my template design, my blog*spot address, blog title, adding a banner or header, and worst of all, migrating my Disqus comment threads from the old domain to the new one.

Changing the template design was easy because of the help of Template Designer. Changing my blog title was also easy because I just used the same words, from Blabber of the Soul, I made it Soul Blabber. Changing my blog*spot address was hard, as I had many options, and I could simply not chose one among them. I want to incorporate my name in the new blog*spot address. Options ranged from marsiallaw, to marsology, marsonomy, marsophy, marsochist, marschiavelli, 24secondstomars, marsilogy, marstheory, marsdoctrine, and marsynthesis. I chose the last one, simply because my blog is the synthesis of who I am. It is the complex whole of my elements. My blog says so much about me, so the address is very fitting, though all other options are very fitting, too. Except marsochist, because I am not a masochist. At least, I already have a few options when time comes that I want to change my blog*spot address again or when I create another blog in another blog platform.

Changing the header or banner was also easy, because creating the banner in Adobe was also a bit easy. Besides, my banner is minimalist. That's how I elegantly call my simple works. Hee. The difficult part was migrating my Disqus comment threads from the old domain to the new. About 11 hours have passed, but my thread have not been migrated, yet. Of course, I can always use the default Blogger comment system, but I am in love with Disqus. Default blogger comment system sucks because there's no Reply. What the hell, Blogger? My second recourse for that is to import my blog comments to my Disqus, which I have now done and is still processing as of the moment. I just hope for the best. Oh wait! My blog imports have completed successfully! Yey for that, but boo for the thread migration. :((

How to Add Authors in Blogger

I've been up late for two nights due to my blog reconstruction. First night, I was busy with the authors thingy. I transferred the admin access of my blog from my old email ad to the new. It was so frustrating at first. I could not receive the invitation. It sucks as hell. My mind was breaking. Thank goodness to this certain post that states how I could successfully receive the invitation and consequently, grant admin privileges. Blogger Help was of no help to me. I had to search for other sources of information. Thank you, whoever you are.

Here's the deal. If you want to add authors to your blog. These are the steps, assuming that your first account is, and the email ad of the author you want to add is, the second account.

To add authors to your blog. You just have to go to Settings, then Permissions, then add authors. Log out of your first account, then log in to your second account. Check your Gmail inbox for the invitation then accept it. Log in to your first account again, go to Settings>Permissions then click Grant Admin Privileges beside There you have it! If you want to revoke admin privileges to your first account, you can do  so by going to Settings>Permissions, then beside, click revoke admin privileges. Warning: Do NOT delete or disable first account.

Here's the catch. Did not receive an invitation at all? Then that's probably because your first account email ad is not set to its own email ad. If your first account is, its email ad should be set at To change that. Go to Edit Profile of your first account, under Identity, change your email ad to, hit SAVE. Then repeat the process of adding authors. That will do the trick, because that did mine. 

Hope this will enlighten others, though I suck at instructing steps.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Double 3peat for Kobe Bryant

Kobe, under the flying colors of purple and gold, may not have attained the dreamed double 3peat, but he has attained his very own double 3. Kobe turned 33 last August 23, 2011. Hell yeah! We celebrated his birthday, AGAIN.

And yes, this is a super delayed post. Sloth is who I am.

Though I feel obliged to write something for Kobe, I digress from that. I'm just lost for words when it comes to Kobe. Words can never contain how great he is, and how great our (my sister and I) love for him is. Kobe Bryant is our ultimate and supreme idol in the whole vast universe, of course, besides God. God will always be supreme. We're talking about a human being here. So yeah, that would be Kobe. Kobe, not the chosen one, but THE one. Another reason is that I get too emotional when it comes to Kobe. Being him as my ultimate idol, of course, I would get too emotional. Who wouldn't? Okay. I'll just blab about the day THE ONE was born and how we, unknown beings to Kobe, celebrated his birthday.

On the 23rd of August 2011, happiness was the aura at home. I was so happy with Mama. She always does something every year to support my sister and I during Kobe's birthday. We're so fortunate to have a mother like her. She bought a Mango cake and an ube ice cream. Purp and yellow. Purp and yellow. Purp and yellow. Yeah! Uhuh! You know what it is! The mango cake and ube ice ceam are so Laker-ish! Mama also cooked lechon paksiw. Delicioso! Junk foods also found their way towards our house. 

Before we ate dinner, I led the prayer. I do not recall my exact prayer, but I remember what it was about. I thanked God, first and foremost, for another year of Kobe's life. I prayed for Kobe to be always safe and healthy. I asked God for the Lakers to win the NBA World Champions, again. I prayed for Kobe to be the MVP, all-star, regular season, and finals. I was about to end the prayer, then sissy Ira added, we pray for God to grant our Lakers dream - to be able to watch a Lakers game in Staples Center LIVE, and Kobe is playing. We asked Him for Kobe to stay longer in NBA. Gosh! I'm having teary eyes while I'm typing. This is why I do not want to write seriously when Kobe is the subject. AMEN! Then we devoured the food on the table.


the mango cake and the ube ice cream
kobe-customized cake, again, haha
lechon paksiw
junk foods!
favorite Bebong's cakes and pastries - cheap and delicious :P

P. S.

Kobe Haters, 


Sincerely yours,