Sunday, September 04, 2011

New Look and New Domain -

Second night of my blog reconstruction is changing my template design, my blog*spot address, blog title, adding a banner or header, and worst of all, migrating my Disqus comment threads from the old domain to the new one.

Changing the template design was easy because of the help of Template Designer. Changing my blog title was also easy because I just used the same words, from Blabber of the Soul, I made it Soul Blabber. Changing my blog*spot address was hard, as I had many options, and I could simply not chose one among them. I want to incorporate my name in the new blog*spot address. Options ranged from marsiallaw, to marsology, marsonomy, marsophy, marsochist, marschiavelli, 24secondstomars, marsilogy, marstheory, marsdoctrine, and marsynthesis. I chose the last one, simply because my blog is the synthesis of who I am. It is the complex whole of my elements. My blog says so much about me, so the address is very fitting, though all other options are very fitting, too. Except marsochist, because I am not a masochist. At least, I already have a few options when time comes that I want to change my blog*spot address again or when I create another blog in another blog platform.

Changing the header or banner was also easy, because creating the banner in Adobe was also a bit easy. Besides, my banner is minimalist. That's how I elegantly call my simple works. Hee. The difficult part was migrating my Disqus comment threads from the old domain to the new. About 11 hours have passed, but my thread have not been migrated, yet. Of course, I can always use the default Blogger comment system, but I am in love with Disqus. Default blogger comment system sucks because there's no Reply. What the hell, Blogger? My second recourse for that is to import my blog comments to my Disqus, which I have now done and is still processing as of the moment. I just hope for the best. Oh wait! My blog imports have completed successfully! Yey for that, but boo for the thread migration. :((

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