Sunday, September 25, 2011

EATOF Appreciation Dinner

Last Friday Night, an Appreciation or Thanksgiving Dinner was held in the Social Hall of the Cebu Provincial Capitol, in lieu of the successful East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum (EATOF) 2011. All the people involved in the success of EATOF were invited to the Dinner. We were invited because we were the EATOF Assistant Liaison Officers, in general.

Before the Dinner (eating time) started, Governor Gwen Garcia awarded the people who have majorly contributed to the success of EATOF. She distributed plaques of gratitude to them. As we were the Assistant Liaison Officers of EATOF 2011, we were also given certificates. However, Governor Garcia did not personally hand the certificates to us. She gave them to Dr. Espina, who was one of our heads in EATOF, and was given to us during that night.

We were all so elated to receive our certificate with our name printed on it. Unfortunately, my name was spelled wrong, so as few others. We had to have them corrected. Good thing, the officers in the Capitol were so kind to accommodate to our demands of correction. Our certificates can be claimed tomorrow at the Capitol. 

During the Dinner (eating time), we feasted unto the buffet table and stashed the delicious food of Cafe Laguna on our plates. We devoured our food in less than an hour. With our appetite drives sated, we then grabbed the opportunity to take photos with Governor Gwen Garcia, EATOF Protocol Officer Mr. Angel Espiritu, and with our fellow EATOF Assistant Liaison Officers. By the way, Governor Gwen is so kind, approachable, and of course, beautiful. We mobbed to her just to take photos with her, and she was so patient with us. Thank you, Governor Gwen, for the photos, the food, and most importantly, for the Appreciation.

with Governor Gwen Garcia

with fellow EATOF Assistant Liaison Officers

with my fellow ALO, DLOs, and PLOs of Vietnam

with the prettiest ladies of the night

After the Appreciation Dinner, some of our fellow EATOF Assistant Liaison Officers went out to have an after party. Tombs Society did not go with them. We had our reasons. Honestly, I wanted to go out and party, but my body needs a rest. Even without going out to the after party, we had fun, anyway.

I deserve a kick in the head for not bringing my own camera that night. My mind was so preoccupied with the decision of bringing my laptop that day for our project-making that I forgot about bringing my camera. Boo me. Anyway, credits to the people who took our photos. I'm very grateful to you, guys.

P.S. Will update the post with new photos as soon as the other photographers upload their photos. Teehee