Saturday, October 20, 2012

Molave 2012

I'm a probinsyana and I'm proud of it. I embrace my being probinsyana, because it's an element of who I am. My personality's composition would not be complete without the probinsyana in me. There's something about having that probinsyana character in a person that is so special. Probinsyanas who subsequently live in the cities have peculiar traits, in a good way. The probinsyana spirit must be cherished by whoever possesses such. Probinsyanas are very elemental, and perhaps that's the primary reason why I am very close to nature. There are more from the probinsyanas than the mere fact that they came from the province. On that note, let me immerse you into my homeland - Molave, Zamboanga del Sur in Mindanao. This is where I was born, where I spent the first twelve years of my life before I transferred to Cebu. Molave will always be my home, but my domicile is a bit of complicated. I go back there every summer, but I have no intention of returning there as a resident. I plainly pay a visit.

This Catholic church is St. Vincent Ferrer Parish Church. It is the modified version of the church. The church before was a typical old Catholic church, which was located just at the front part of this church, now the parking area. Now, it is modern, better, and bigger. This is where our family always attended Sunday mass. As a child, I never really wholeheartedly listen to the mass (even until now). My siblings and I would always ask cents from Mama to buy food at a store outside the church. I remember, we would always buy cotton candy. Sweet tooth!

House of Saints is a new addition to the church, which has been up for about two years, if I'm not mistaken. Honestly, I only noticed it this summer 2012. Yes, this is another backlog post way back from summer.

The following photos showcase Molave Plaza, the town's park.

People can actually go up through the stairs and witness the view around the park and the park's proximity. It's not too high.

A view from the top. We can see the church's cross from there.

Another view from the top...

...and another. This is just basically the coverage of the view from the top.

You see the building under construction? That's the Municipal Hall.

The landscape design of the Municipal Hall is superb. This is not the whole landscape design, though, but I assure you, it's wonderful!

My post only features the church and the park, because we weren't able to take photos of the other sites around the town. Molave is just a decent, simple town, but a tad advanced and modern than its neighboring towns. It has more establishments compared to the other towns in the province.

Have I told you about the story of how Molave got its name? I think I already have, but I forgot the specific post. Well, this town has the tallest Molave tree that was visible way from afar. Thus, the natives from the mountains always point to the tree as a guide every time they have to come down from the mountain. When they are asked where they are heading, they would answer, to the Molave tree or simply, Molave. And that's where Molave derived its name. Sadly, I have never seen that Molave tree in the twelve years that I have lived there. The tree has probably died or was cut down before I was born. 

Oh! I planted a Molave tree at our school when I was in Grade 6. I would always take care of that little free, protected by a fence around it. I haven't gone to the school, but last time I went there (about 5 years after planting the tree), I haven't seen the fence. However, there were slightly big trees in the area where I planted it. Perhaps my tree was one of those.

The photos were post-processed with vintage-ish curves presets, because I'm feeling nostalgic.

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