Friday, October 19, 2012

Corporate Attire with a Fashion Twist + Marites Vitug's Book Launching + RB's Birthday

Wednesdays are Corporate Attire days! The four of us donned different floral designs on our dresses on that day. Hence, the dainty girl in us jumped for joy for the floral party. Rafael is a photobomb.
That day, September 26, was RB's birthday. The one wearing that cute floral blazer.

Yes, we're still fashionable, despite the corporate-attire rule. We bring fashion into the formal world of the legal profession. There's no law in fashion, right? 

Since it was RB's birthday, we surprised her with kalamay, sandwich, chocolate cake, mocha cake, her favorite steak sauce, her favorite lip balm, and some other stuff.

Eating time!

After snacks, we went down to attend the book launching of Marites Vitug's Hour Befor Dawn: The Fall and Uncertain Rise of the Philippine Supreme Court. This is a sequel to her Shadow of Doubt: Probing the Supreme Court. She's the one and only (I suppose) journalist who has been sued for libel by a Justice of the Supreme Court. Fortunately for her, all the charges filed against her were voluntarily dropped by the Justice himself. I loved her speech! You can really tell that she's a great journalist with the content and substance of her speech. I was even engaged to listen to her all throughout her entire speech. It's very seldom that I listen to a speaker, I only listen when the speaker speaks with wit and humor. She has those. She was even so honest about naming her book Twilight to jump into the popular saga and attract attention, but her editor suggested Hour Before Dawn, so as not to be so obvious. I commented that's it similar to Breaking Dawn, though. Anyway, what is most interesting about her speech is the part where she narrated her conversation with Justice Velasco over dinner, about dropping the charges against her. Unfortunately, I could not afford to buy her book, because I'm saving my money for Big Bang's concert, but my other classmates are so lucky to buy her book (at a discounted price) and to have her signature on the book, personally signed by her after the purchase.

Class picture! We waited for our professor to arrive, expecting that he was going to have a lecture after the book launching. While waiting, we took class pictures, because we love our section. 408 love!
Since our professor did not arrive, we went off to RB's house for dinner. Foooood!

At RB's house, having photo op after dinner, right after our tummies were filled with so much delicious food. That's her mom in yellow. Can I just say that I adore her mom? She is so fun and talkative. She loves to take pictures of us and really wants us to do wacky all the time. 

This is the kind of wacky that her mom wants. Both arms raised, tongues out, and big grins on our faces. She says we're too formal, but we were just shy. So yeah, she got what she wanted.
We were going upstairs to their rooftop and party the night away with a drinking session. It was really fun, you can see it on our faces.
Thank you, RB! Happy birthday! We, 408, love you!

All photos belong to Charro, the pretty girl in pink skirt and lace top. Thank you for the photos!

P.S. I tweaked my blog, again. It's somewhat a major change, because it's the entire template that I changed, including the fonts. I opted for minimalism, because I think my previous (newly edited) template was too girly and dainty for me. It doesn't fit me. I'm not too girly and dainty. I preserved the header, though. I love it too much at this moment, so I'll allow myself to marvel and savor my header.

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