Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Through the Eyes of Instagram

I bought this notebook at National Bookstore. I was elated when I found this notebook, and I never let it go the moment I got my hands on it. The quote is very significant to me, because I've read this quote somewhere. It was an article about a group of volunteers who planted trees in the city (somewhere). Forgive me for forgetting where that was, and for having no link for that article. I think it was for Greenpeace or ONE, but I'm really uncertain. I totally forgot! Pff! My senior moment.

Squeal! Aren't my stick-on notes the cutest? So kawaii! I only bought them at a Novo Store in Mindanao last summer. I think they only cost P15. Cheap, right? That's why I immediately bought them, though I still have stick-on notes. You know, those plain, boring-looking ones.

Milk tea! I'm recently addicted to milk tea, thanks no less to my sister who is also a milk tea addict. I miss her, but she's arriving tomorrow, so I guess it's a milk tea date with her then. These were Anina's treat! Her birthday was on September 27. I hope she's happy with Raz and I's gift for her. 

My very own copy of Preview Magazine's September Issue! On the cover are my favorite fashion bloggers, Tricia GosingtianLaureen Uy, and Camille Co.

This cute elephant mug was gifted by my best friend, Meg. Ahhh. I miss her! We're so busy with our studies, so we seldom hang out. I hope we can see each other this sem break. I miss you, Meggy!

Meet Baby Dime! Yes, he's been featured in my blog for countless times (I'm exaggerating). I love this kid so much! His eyes are wonderful! Look at them. They're so cuuuuuute! His hair are like those of Rock Lee. Dimebag! Dimebag!

Another Dimebag set of photos because I love him too much. He's such a geeky kid! His toys are no less than iPad, iPhone, and SII. Kids these days!

The cutest caterpillar I have ever seen! Took this photo years ago when I was still a PolSci student in TC. My friends and I saw him crawling on the roadside. I'm usually afraid of eeky, crawly stuff, but this one's an exception. It's too cute to resist.

I've had problems that seems like a never-ending bridge to pass. I'm stuck in the middle of the bridge, not knowing where to go. Tears falling, heart palpitating, breath losing. What am I gonna do? Should I jump off the bridge and end it all. I was slowly getting fixed, but now I'm all broken. Shattered into pieces in one whip. I don't know what to do. I'm gradually decaying... dying... perishing. But I will always believe. My bridge is fully constructed, and it leads to a life where God wants me to reside.
"We'll cross the bridge when we get there."

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P.S. I did minor tweaks in my blog. Did you notice my new header? It's so Victorian, right? I've always wanted to incorporate a Renaissance design in my blog. I was suppose to go into a major change, but my blog can't handle the major changes. I have to revert back to the classic template, but when I did, my gadgets were all obliterated! I did not panic, though, because I was able to backup my beta template. Reverting back to classic template is always a failure for me. My CSS and HTML editing skills are getting rusty already. I don't know how to edit them, anymore. Boo! My only solution is to update it to beta template, again, and just make use of the template designer. Oh well.

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