Saturday, July 17, 2010


[July 10-11, 2010]

I have been to Wonderland. I have at last set foot on the paradise which I have been envisioning in my mind. Never have I thought that such magnificent place stood strong on this planet. Never have I felt the warmest, yet piloerection-causing sea water touching my body, tickling my feet with its demure waves. Never have my eyes saw such grandeur of the horizon, the bluest sky, the whitest clouds where seemingly Zeus was outright to appear, the sturdy white-colored rocks like the ancient times. It was a paradise constructed by the Angels who were sent by God, for the people to witness His glorious works and wonders on Earth. It is the perfect place to unwind, the perfect place to fall in love, the perfect place to realize nature, the perfect place to internalize the antithesis of natural science and human institutions, to inquire what created that paradise. Was it man or God, but it was created by both. It was a creation of God which is the most beautiful as it is, and man constructed an abode for people to rest and take a break from the rat race of life. It was BEAUTIFUL.

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