Saturday, July 17, 2010

Real Friends

I miss my real friends. I miss being with them, I miss being the craziest person, doing all of the craziest and childish stuff with them. I miss talking with them, be it gobble dock or with pure sense about life. They are the best buds I've got, because it doesn't matter how many friends you have, what matters is the real friendship. They don't back-stab, they directly tell the person what they have to say. They don't judge you by the way you look, the way you dress up, the way you express yourself, the way you speak, the way you laugh or the things you do. They are true, they are real. They don't fight over petty stuff. They quarrel with each other jokingly, just like how dogs show their love for each other. They understand; they are sensitive to the emotions of one another. They are thoughtful and are very helpful. They make each other aim to be a better person.

I miss myself. I miss myself when I'm with them. I miss myself when I'm with my real friends.

I miss you. I love you so much and I wanna grow old with you, my best buds, even though we act childishly. Forever, you're my real friends.

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