Saturday, July 17, 2010

Never-ending Wave of Mishaps

This is ridiculous. Everything is broken and messed up. Something is definitely wrong, we all can sense it. I am afraid, this problem is still existing, and it could have gotten worse, which I hope is not. It's all related, we could say, for it is a never-ending wave of mishaps. The waves are crushing us, not on the shores, but on rocks with sharp edges. I could burst with tears any moment. I need God, I need someone to console me, but everyone around me has close minds. Only God can understand me, but I cannot seem to find time with Him. I am chasing sunsets. It is very hard, I miss my Mama and Papa. Problems are royal pains in the ass. I can just give up any time now.

My glass of patience is full and overflowing. One snap can set a fury of anger out of me, just one snap, and one I'll be advising you to say goodbye to the world. A count of one, two, three, and the last thing you'll see is me, and the last words you'll hear is Requiescat in Pace. Forgive me God, but I am exhausted of life's drama, of the world's unfair reality. Insanity is choking me, but because of my love for my family, I will keep myself sane, because I am the only one who can take full control of my life. I am the writer of my own life's story. I have to think, think deep.

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