Thursday, December 30, 2010

A One-Day Trip and Tour to Bohol

It wasn't supposed to be a one-day trip and tour, it was supposed to be two days. Unfortunately, all the pension houses and beach rooms were booked, reserved, and occupied. Some were not, but they go beyond our purchasing power, and we wan't to stay in Panglao for the night, and spend the day after in their beach. Sad, sad, sad, but it was only the later part of the day, the whole day was fun, fun, fun! Won't stick too much on the details, I'm just lost for words, the photos puke them all.


I am absolutely happy and thrilled! I participated in this Christmas giveaway, and we just had to choose what album we want to win. Of course I chose 2NE1, not a fan of SHINee, and I just simply followed the instructions, and tweeted. Ninz also participated in this giveaway, and we just had in mind and hoped that either of the two of us can win so that we'll just borrow and share the album. On December 26, I checked my email and twitter and Kokokoreano for results, and I was sad, because I thought I didn't win. 

It's been days since I last surfed the net, and tweets from Kokokoreano surprised me. I won! They haven't announced the winner, yet the last time I checked, and now, I won! It's amazing! I can't believe it! It's honestly the first time I won something from giveaways and stuff. Many thanks to Kokokoreano. They totally made me happy.

So excited to receive 2NE1's To Anyone Album. ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas In Our Hearts

Merry Christmas!

In all honestly, I do not really feel the spirit of Christmas this year. It's actually sad, ain't it? However, I'm happy, Mama and Ate are happy, because we have completed the Misa de Gallo, for the very first time! 9 mornings of waking up very out-of-the-ordinary early, having more or less 3 hours of sleep, hearing the mass while standing all throughout the end, because the church is overcapacity and signals its failing whale. It had not been that easy. On the 4th Misa de Gallo, the weather was not good on us. Strong winds and strong rain clashed just above the church. We battled our way towards a shelter, but they were all already full of people, and alas, found a dark, creepy place near the church, the convent. People who attended the mass were draping wet. On the 8th day, my very own body twisted me with agony - dysmenorrhea. I was about to give up, thinking that God would understand, but my fighting spirit pushed me and told myself that a mere dysmenorrhea can't pull me down. I struggled to the church and gathered all the strength I have left to finish the mass. I'm so close to completing the Misa de Gallo, and I won't let this darn dysmenorrhea ruin my dream. Today was a fulfillment.

I won't indulge myself into the sad part, which is about my father not being here with us this Christmas (the third time, I suppose), as it's Christmas and have to be in the joyous atmospheric condition. Music makes me happy, it calms my soul. To feel the spirit of Christmas, I downloaded the Christmas In Our Hearts Album of Jose Mari Chan. It' my all-time favorite. Since I was a child, this album has been a must-play-every-Christmas-season CD in our house, along with the Disney's Christmas Album. The CD is left in our house in Mindanao, and probably won't play anymore, it's been years since the last time we played it. I had a hard time downloading it, since all the torrent files have ZERO seeds/seeders, and all other downloads are not free, capitalistic sons of binoculars! Thankfully, I found this very socialistic individual who offered a free download of the album -- now that's true showing of a Christmas spirit! It's a zip file and just needs to be extracted with the help of the password also freely given by this altruistic person, the password's shyguy. Here's the link,,g/music-jose-mari-chan-christmas-in-our-hearts.html, and you go figure the rest. ☺

After hearing the songs, I now feel the spirit of Christmas. This album is just overwhelming. Brilliant Jose Mari Chan, brilliant!

Merry Christmas!!!!! Happy Birthday, Jesus!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Too Petty To Cry For

Fcuk this! I've been getting too emotional lately. Bipolar! Am I? Oh God, my mood swings are not funny anymore, which has never been fun in any way.

1. I cried for the Philippine Azkals, which I already blogged about.
2. I cried TODAY for some petty reason, which in all honestly, if you dig deeper, not really petty.

I'm an avid visitor of iBigBang Fansite. It is where I get the latest news about Big Bang. They have this Christmas Giveaway, all you have to do is to comment on that post (where they talk about the Christmas Giveaway) with your name, email address, age, and a fact about Big Bang or a member, and you get the chance to win a GDTOP album! How freaking cool is that?

I have never been lucky in any games of luck, as I always say, I'm the most unfortunate or unlucky person in the world, however, I wanna try my luck. AND BAM!!!!!! Our cock ass computer or internet or whatever forces that kept me from commenting just worked their might out to NOT let me comment. Fuckthatassshitbitch! I can't comment, because that PAGE(s)/PLUG-IN UNRESPONSIVE thingy keeps on popping up, and I can't scroll up/down, I can't freaking do anything within my power to comment, I am just simply the most unfortunate/unlucky person in the whole universe! I CRIED, because it was not as petty as some people think it to be, it was for Big Bang, for GD and TOP, my top two faves in Big Bang. I was definitely hurt, and I cried. :|

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Crazyheads' Reunion

It was just a normal day of the 21st of December. I was having my deep slumber. Suddenly, I heard my brother shouting my name, saying someone's on the line. Picked the phone up and greeted with my monotonous tone of hello, it was Catherine, with some important announcements.... and it became an abnormal day.

My best butts Meg, Leslie, Catherine, and I had a mini get-together/Christmas party in Ayala. We delved our mouths into the yummy treats of Red Mango's frozen yogurt, and played like 5 year olds in the grass grounds of Terraces. We we're happy. We laughed and ran and danced like there was no tomorrow. I could not ask for more. It was a complete carzyheads' reunion, because Achellie made it after sunset. Though she had a tight schedule, she beat the odds, and still came. I wish I could bring back high school, the days when we were always together, but it was fun, it was HAPPY -- a simple word, yet bears great meaning.

oh, and we made friends with kids who joined us in our abnormalities


Monday, December 20, 2010

A Greater Sin

My mind is absolutely baffled and confused right now. I need to find myself and to find God. I believe in God so much, I entrust everything to Him, I have so much faith in Him, I believe that He is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient, I put Him above everything else. Though my closeness with Him today is not the same level of closeness we had the past years, I don't question and doubt Him, I still believe in Him. No matter how great and how many a problem that arises in my life, I still go back to Him, and rely on Him, I always do.

Yesterday night, while watching the Philippine Azkals game against Indonesia in the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010, I prayed so hard for them to goal and eventually win. On the contrary, it was Indonesia who first got the goal of the game, and the unexpected tears just came falling. I remember the Christmas game of Lakers against Miami Heat, when they lost, I lost faith in God (Confessions of a Los Angeles Lakers Lover). I don't want that scene to ever happen again, I never wanted that to happen, again, but yesterday night, it happened, though not as emotional and dramatic as the past. What makes it more sad and a greater sin, is that I just recently established my love for the Philippine Azkals, and I already questioned God at this early stage of my relationship with them. I could understand myself if the cause was the Lakers or a very tremendous family problem, but I just knew Azkals for only three days, and I already acted that way. The rush of emotions I had yesterday night, it was like they have been a part of my life for three years.

My humiliating act in the eyes of the believers of God yesterday night was not a usual drop of faith, it was something odd that is very hard to explain. It was a question of the mind, a skepticism I could not avoid. Is it wrong to believe in God? My belief in Him was the same ground that caused by doubt in Him. It is because I believe in God so much, thinking that He can control everything, but why can't He grant my prayers? Why can't He do what I wish Him to do? Why is believing not working anymore? Is it wrong to believe in God so much? I have my own answer for this queries, but it has not sunk in yet to the deepness of my soul. The answer is clear, my prayers is not the only prayers God is listening to. I am not the only person that God is being God to. I am not the only subject of God. The whole human population depend on God, not only me. If I was believing that the Azkals could goal, the Indonesians who were watching the game live in the arena were also believing that their team could goal, and they were greater in number. Who was I to beat them?

God is just like a political system, and I refer to Almond and Powell's structure of the political system. The interest articulated to the system are aggregated; they are combined and transformed into numerous major alternatives. Prayers are the interests, demands, needs, and claims of the people, and God aggregates them, then God makes authoritative decisions directed towards these interests and are fed back to the people. My prayer is not the only prayer that God is listening to, and not the only prayer He aims to grant and answer. He aggregates our prayers, which answer will be for the common good, not just for me.

I am really sorry Lord God, I hope You will accept my apology. Forgive me Lord, I know not what I do. I still believe in You, Lord, I still do, and I know that You know that very well. I will go back home to You, Lord God, and I hope that you will open Your doors to me, which I know that it is always open to everyone. Please welcome me into Your kingdom, Lord God. I am very sorry.

Where Amazing Happens

No copyright infringement intended, all property rights of the title above belong to NBA.

This is yet another Lakers post. Amazing happens in Lakers. First off, the most amazing in this post, that I really have to take my hats off to, and is credit-worthy, RON ARTEST. His transformation from a relatively bad guy to an extremely good guy is purely amazing. First, he auctioned his championship ring, and the proceeds of it will be donated. I frankly really wanna knock Ron Ron's head off, a championship ring is absolutely important for a player, but he did this for a cause. Another milestone in his life is to donate either all or some of his 2011-2012 salary. His salary is $6.79 million, if my digits are accurate, and he's going to donate it for a mental awareness program. I am just teary-eyed. You really are worthy to have a Ron Artest Day, and you got that Ron Ron, you have that. You are unbelievable, and I am so bleeping proud of you.

Second, Andrew Bynum is back! He just recently came back, and he's already steeping up his game. You are a good player, Bynum, so please, just pretty pretty pretty please, take care of yourself, be healthy, and avoid injuries. Lakers need you, and boy, we missed you!

Third, which is not really that amazing, Sasha Vujacic was traded to New Jersey for Joe Smith. I honestly don't know Joe Smith, but he's a veteran, and veterans are good players. My emotion for this trade is 50-50. I am sad, because slowly, the team that had won the 2009 NBA Champion, are fading, they have been gradually traded to another team. The most hurtful of which was Trevor Ariza's trade for Ron Artest, which paid off, at least. Joe Smith should be better than Sasha. Sasha used to be a very good player, he was even called the Machine, but he just lost it, he lost his playing mojo. He's no big help to the team, anymore, so the Lakers just have to find another player who can do a huge help. Maria Sharapova was sad for the trade, but Lakers have to.

Keep on winning, Lakers. Your game on the day of Jesus is one important game, and I have been praying for your victory. So help us GOD.

By far, the longest two days of my life

December 18 and 19 felt like a double, double combo ( I can't resist GD and TOP). I honestly thought that four days have already past after the start of our Christmas break, but I realized, it has only been 2 days. How great is that? Perhaps attending the Misa de Gallo is one factor that establishes my long duration of days. The days were not my normal unproductive days full of lazyheads, sleeping, eating, couch-potato, TV-faced habit. They were wondrous days spent with the most important persons in my life.

I spent my Saturday with Leslie and Catherine, Madel (Leslie's friend) and Lyn Rose (Leslie's friend's cousin) shooting a video greeting for Leslie's boyfriend, Jessie. His birthday is on December 25 and he's out abroad, he's an NSA student, and I don't know what that means, Norwegian Slllmmbb Asshhhrr. Ok, so early in the morning, while waiting for Catherine, we karaoke-ed our way like an early drunkard, drinking Yakult. A Yakult drunkard. And when Cath arrived, we started shooting the video and blah blah. Too lazy to provide the details. Whatever, I had fun, and I miss spending time with these dorks. Meg was MIA, because she was traumatized. The last time she tried to come party with us, she lost her wallet, or was stolen. I miss you, Meggy Adorkable!

In the evening, we went to Hi-Soar Construction Services Christmas Party, my Uncle's party for his business. It was tummy-exploding. I consumed like a barrel of food, and my tummy could just explode into a thousand colors. There were lots of food, but I only selected some to intake. I had beef stew, which was amazingly tender, roasted beef, roasted pork/pig, roasted turkey, crab paella, spaghetti, and buko pandan for dessert, and of course, rice, I would never omit that. My aunt gave us gifts, Mama and Kent received elegantly-looking watches, which I am very jealous of. While my sister Ira and I received a not elegantly-looking bag which can be folded into a purse. The color? Polka-dotted pink bag. WTF! I am grateful for the gift, but a polka-dotted pink bag? Come on! Pink is my enemy color. Ate Ira's was green, good thing she was kind enough and offered to exchange our bags.

Yesterday, Sunday, was my Mama and Papa's 20th Wedding Anniversary. We celebrated it in KFC, and tried their Christmas bucket feast. Our only aim was the decadent cake, because years ago, their decadent cake was the most delicious cake I ever tasted, at that moment. Sadly, I was disappointed, because it was not the same cake. Oh well, it was still mouth-watering.

Yesterday was also the first time, I suppose, I went shopping with my brother. Well, we get to shop with him around, but yesterday, it was not us who were shopping, it was him. He bought sneakers, and it really took us a big deal of time before he really bought what he wanted, and he end up buying Draven sneakers. OMG! I saw Giro yesterday, and he was with his girlfriend, if I'm not mistaken. Boo you, Giro, boo!

In the evening, I watched Philippines vs. Indonesia in the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010, which will have a separate post later. I was sad, and so I went with Mama to go fetch Ate Ira in Velez. She had a 3-11 duty. T'was a long night, and I only had 2 hours and 30 minutes of sleep. Hello eye bags!

Monday, November 29, 2010

He is 46 and I deeply pray for more

The greatest gift I ever had Came from God, and I call him Dad! 
-- Anonymous 

Happy Birthday to my ever beloved Papa! Thank you so much Lord for giving Papa another year to fulfill his purpose in life, to become the best father to us, to become the best husband he can ever be, to correct his mistakes, to become the best Barangay Chairman, and to become the best person to the entire humanity, and especially to You, Lord God.

I love my Papa so much. I am thankful everyday for all his hard-work. I may not see him everyday, nor communicate to him everyday, my love for my Papa is still as very deep and thick as I have loved him when I was a child. It doesn't change a tad. No matter how big the controversies and issues that arise, he is still my father, and I still treat him as the best father in the whole wide world.

I haven't seen my Papa for how many months, now. The last time we've been together was Summer. I haven't gone home, and did not go home last sembreak. He too, has not been able to visit us, and I understand. He is busy earning for a living. He is working very hard to support us, and I will always be grateful for that.

Everything is going to be alright.

Photo Credit to Father-Daughter.


I am a consumer, an eater in simpler terms. I devour food any time of the day.

Last Saturday, Lordee, Chrisia, Grace, and I let our tongues taste the frozen yogurt in Red Mango. It was mouth-watering. I could finish a family size on my own. We drizzled it with some cheesecake and Hershey's choco chips toppings, and customized it with durian candies. With Tricia Gosingtian's photos hanging at the walls in Red Mango, we even had a more happy eating moment. We just adore her.

Last sembreak, I had this as my brunch. It's rice topped with beef loaf, and scrambled egg with some mashed beef loaf, and sandwich spread. 

Last sembreak, I also had this cup of coffee matched with crackers as dawn snacks. I think I was munching this around 3 in the morning. Didn't sleep that day.


you three can kill me now

Yesterday night was 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards, held in Venetian, Macao. Of course, I watched. I wouldn't wanna miss this, with Taeyang and 2NE1 present, and GD and TOP's performance. I have spent like 4 hours watching MAMA, from 6pm to 10pm.

 I am honestly against it being Asian Music Awards, because it was all Korean, and only counted Japanese and Chinese groups and solo artists. I mean, c'mon, they would be ashamed when they hear our local talented singers. Our singers have way better voices than theirs, all bragging aside. Kpop is just overrated. And I would like to declare this official statement for the Nth time, I do not like Kpop generally, I only like Big Bang, and we can add 2NE1 to that. Anyway, I would not care that much, they gave Far East Movement an award, and they performed there. Yey to that! Big Bang and 2NE1 were my aim in MAMA, so I won't ramble so much about it. 

I'm happy for 2NE1 for bagging the awards, and for Taeyang, though he only won one award. Congratulations to you, and to YG Family! 

What was really astonishing about MAMA was YB+GD+TOP performance. It was one hell of a show!

hit me with that!

I think that's not the way how to hold a gun

can you stop being too HOT?

srsly, stop giving me that umph

you girls, beware, I got my eyes on you

Photo credits to iBigBang Fansite.

I would like you to think that I am

I have always claimed that I am busy. Busy doing school work and stuff, but honestly, I am not. I do not even read the bulk of cases we have to read for our oral recitation. I just print them, and pretend that I am busy, but frankly, my days are as unproductive as a winter factory (coz we don't have winters here in the Phily, and how I wish we do).

I have been on hiatus, but I still dawdle my time surfing, jumping sites from here and there. I do not even know why I find an excuse for this noble lie. I am busy, but I am not. Hard as a rock! It's complicated, but I guess I'm the only one who feels this. Busy, but not. That's how I put it in words.

Busy? Perhaps with other things, and not school loads of shiitake mushrooms. Gotta keep this short, because, uhm, I'm busy. *smirks*

Monday, November 08, 2010

burst me like a bubble

Today's the official start of classes for the second semester, but the entire week is technically the adjustment period. The time's alloted for rescheduling and reprinting and all sorts of draining stuff. Not a single shadow of a teacher came in to our classrooms, which is fun, because we can just head off to wherever we want after a lapse of 15 minutes. Anyway, this post should not pertain to classes, but is in a great connection with that. I am in for an announcement. I shall not update this blog, again, for quite a long time, because I shall be busy and hysterical with our upcoming stressful school buzz. Another semester, another agony, another suffering.

On HIATUS 'till I don't freaking know how long.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

I admit it, I'm a Casual Gamer, and I suck

Our uncle, who we call Kuya, the gadget freak, recently arrived from faring the treacherous seas. He added to his gadget collections, the PS3. It is amazing, of course, but I'm a casual gamer, so I miss playing Guitar Hero through his Xbox 360. However, he only lent his PS3 to us, not the Xbox, so might as well abuse it. Anyway, I love God of War. I was addicted to God of War Chains of Olympus, pressing hard the PSP buttons, and seeing it at a very small screen. Now, I am enjoying God of War III at a very big screen. Have not finished playing, though, my brother's playing Uncharted 2, and I don't make time to play. I have beaten Persephone, I must beat Zeus.

Scrolled my PaparazzO album in Facebook, and saw my Guitar Hero obsession. Reliving the moments. This was the time I was still playing the Easy difficulty. I was very friggin' happy with this. Nobody in our family or anybody I know of has reached 616 notes streak. 100% is easy to attain, but a 616 notes streak, na uh!

Shammblaboooos Shang Shang Shang


  • Los Angeles Lakers is amazing. The Renegades (Lakers' bench) is fantastic. The Killer B's, Blake, Barnes, and Brown are awesome. The Starters are astonishing. Kobe is the greatest. I AM A STUPID CRAZY BeeeATCH. Marry me my Shannon Baby Brown, marry me! I am bleeping happy with my Lakers. Yes, I am possessive. I BELIEVE in the 3peat.
  • Nobody can take my belief away from me; you cannot strip belief off me. BELIEVE, it is very powerful.
  • Ecstatic. My POSC 110 grade is finally bleeping OKAY. I waited 1 year for that to be okay, ONE YEAR! Poca, bleep you and your mothahbleeping momah, but really, thank you Poca. The suffering you have inflicted on me has taught me patience, and that God really answers prayers. An answer delayed is not an answer denied.
  • BLEEP! Our schedule is broken. BUAK! It's time to be an INDEPENDENTE!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just Sayin'

I am such a pudding head as of the moment. Heathens! It's almost 3am. A ginormous abnormality is currently occurring in my system. I sleep at 5am, lately, and wake up at 1pm. Yesterday, I slept at around 6am. This is insane! I won't grow. Growth hormones works best from 10pm to 4am. How the hell can my growth hormones proliferate my growth with my being an evening person (or being a dusk-dawn person)?! Stressing so much on this fact makes it more difficult, so I shall embrace this way of life.

my bathroom buddy

I promised that I won't read a book this semestral break, except during bathroom boo boos. Yesterday, I did my bathroom boo boo and grabbed Maureen Jennings' EXCEPT THE DYING. It's an old book, bought it at a very low price, and I think it's worth a pay. It's one of those whodunits, that I amazingly fall in love with. Crime books turn me on. Oh yes, they do. ☺ Alright, enough perversions. I apologize to my brain, even after my bathroom boo boo, I still read the book. It was getting really interesting because Detective Murdoch was close to identifying the culprits. I was reading the book under the somehow translucent roof, dim-lighted, there was a brownout at that time. It was hard. I was punishing my eyes, but rewarding  my criminal mind. Anyway, I refrained from reading when the electricity was back. Reading is not bad, it's definitely good, I just have to rest my brain. I love you, my little brainy!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Repost: Coz we have breasts and that's what made us girls

Lethargy has swarmed my whole humanity. Hence, this repost/link epitomizes up what my mind has conceived of doing, yet my body can't achieve. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Billy, Eat My Brain

Do you ever get a feeling of wanting to study or wanting to keep yourself busy, even though everything's done; even though you already have the leisure to relax and take a break from the daily grind? It is as if you're brain has been totally engrossed in working, that it doesn't seem to allow itself to rest. I have felt that, I always feel that. Every vacation, semestral breaks, summer vacations, or just a week break from school, I always search for a good book to read, because I do not want to feel stupid and dull during these days. I want to keep my brain functioning and storing new ideas and information.

PECULIAR. Yes, that is the word that best describes this feeling I have right now. It is peculiar, because I do not want to stress my brain up. I do not want to indulge in reading books, anymore (for this semestral break). I do not care if I end up going dull and stupid, if I don't gain new knowledge and vocabulary, I just don't. My brain is dead tired. It is all too worked up. My brain deserves a break, not just my body. I need not only physical, but mental, and emotional break.

As much as I crave to read this crime book I bought 2 years ago, which I haven't read because I let my few dear friends to read it first, I shall not. I will only allow myself to read it every time I do my bathroom boo boo. I love to multi-task, especially during bathroom boo boos.

It's hard to resist this temptation to read, it's pretty boring here at home, stuck with my evil nemesis (my brother). I shall conquer this. Anyway, I sleep approximately 12 hours (interrupted) a day. I nap for like 3-4 hours in the afternoon, and that's a nap. ☺

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kobe: Overachiever

“I’ve always been comfortable as a kid growing up to think that when my career is over, I want them to think of me as an overachiever despite the talent that I have,” Bryant said. “To think of me as a person that’s overachieved, that would mean a lot to me. That means I put a lot of work in and squeezed every ounce of juice out of this orange that I could.
“Hopefully, they perceive me as person who did whatever he had to do to win above all else. Above anything. Above stats. … If they say that about me I’ll be happy.”

Kobe, you will get that, because you deserve that. You will be remembered forever. Your legacy is engraved in the annals of history.

From Marc J. Spears, "For Bryant, it's all about the chase". Yahoo Sports.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Funny Crime

Our final exams are way difficult than what we expected. But enough about final examinations that make my head turn 360 degrees.

We traveled our way to Ayala yesterday night after our deadly Introduction to Law examination, mainly, to meet Ninz' childhood friend, Kep Butowski, but of course, there was another reason tailing our criminal minds. For confidentiality, I will not bluntly state our funny crime, and honestly, I am feeble-minded right now, so I will stick to the fun moments. Actually, what we did is not really a crime, it is not prohibited in any law here in the Philippines. We just call it a crime, because we never delve into these acts. What we did is never stringent in any way, and is never violative of any statute.

Gilligan's attracted our hungry tummies yesterday night, so Chrisia, Grace, and I had dinner there. Star already went home, and Ninz and Kevin had their own candle-light dinner. We attacked the food presented before us, and critiqued them, especially the food critic, Chrisia. Our table was filled with laughter, and admiration, especially when the coolest grandpa sang JB's Baby, and Incubus' Drive. He made me miss my grandpa. He's like the most jamming grandpa, ever!

10 o'clock hit the counter, and we had to go back to our humble abodes. On our way to meet Ninz at the rendezvous point, the empty stage called our names. We grabbed the opportunity to take pictures on stage, asking a janitor to be our 1-minute photographer. We weren't able to track the time, and Ayala was already closed. The exits and entrances in the Terraces were all closed. We found some other way, trying to pass through Figaro and Bo's, but they, too, were closed from the inside. We were locked up inside! But we we're just laughing all our way trying to find an exit. Good thing, a janitor told us the way out.

Till the next crime again, girls!

ladies' room @ Gilligan's

the superstars on stage

Dammit! I pressed the wrong camera setting!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Busy Bee

The Busy Bee, the kind of listener who doesn't really listen, but busy doing some other stuff, like combing the hair, chatting with friends, or fixing their faces. But I ain't referring to the Busy Bee as a kind of listener, because I am not that kind of listener. I present myself as a Busy Bee, from the word itself, BUSY. I am absolutely friggin' busy, like I'm a superstar, but sadly, I'm not. School works and shits are being wiped at my face, and they reek, and their stink won't leave me and they follow me wherever I go. Now that's real shit!

Today, we are scheduled to pass a Comparative Analysis of the Political and Economic Development of UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan. Yes, I am currently having a nasal menstruation, and as I am typing, the blood keeps flowing and jumping its own way to the keyboard. Heck! I do not even know how to start the comparative analysis, so I spent doing the job yesterday night, but my heavy eyes won't open up on me, so I had to lay it to slumber. My alarms were breaking my eardrums at 6am, my body and my eyes wanted to continue lying in bed, but my brain reprimanded them and required them to stand the hell up.

Ate little breakfast, which is kind of weird, because I eat like a scavenger, and headed off my way towards the computer to start working on the thing. ALAS! I finished it, but not really sure if it is worth a grade. Suddenly, I received a breaking news, NO CLASS! WTF? I have spent the whole morning doing it, and you tell me there's no class? Okay, that was supposed to be a good news, but I was shocked. Initial reaction! But, on the bright side, it must be submitted TODAY. At least my efforts paid, though that was not really a work of intelligence. That was only a I-have-to-pass-it-today-so-I-have-to-finish-it work.

I HAVEN'T STUDIED FOR OUR POLITICAL LAW! What am I going to do? I'm going to die! I just hope I will not be called for the oral recitation today. Please God, you know what I have been through today, so I deserve to NOT be called.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Niña's 19th Birthday

We pretended we forgot her birthday, we told her silly lies that we didn't prepare anything for her, no tears-inducing surprises, no gifts, but she was happy. We waited till the the afternoon, before our last subject of the days starts, and blasted her off her feet with our surprise, and she was crying with joy. She never did expect that we'll do the "expected surprise" that we always do with our fellow Tombs. I could just see the elation in her sparkling eyes, and that makes us happy, too.

We had dinner at her place, and guess what, we had FUN! Her mom just cooks the tastiest carbonara in town! Not even Pizza Hut can beat her home-made carbonara. I never liked carbonara, like ever, but when I tasted her mom's cook, it was mouth-watering, and made me want to crave for more. No wonder why Ninz roots for carbonara all of the time.

The night flew fast, but the excitement and fun we had will not be forgotten. Thank you so much Ninz, Happy Birthday, and WE LOVE YOU! ♥

Tamara Niña Pleños, with our gifts for her, except the phone

wacky, but still pretty

smile with the birthday celebrator

the tummy-bursting dinner

The Call

That one call from my uncle and his live-in partner triggered my suppressed tears. I told myself to not cry again, but the conversation we had was hard to bare. They care. They advised me on what to do and on what not. Because of that call, I was almost thirty minutes late for our POSC 115 class last Thursday (I'm now the reigning Queen of  Tardiness). Because of that call, I evil-stared to my friends, I did not bother to give a brilliant, or at least fake, smile, I acted snobbishly to them, which moody act touched the ego to some of them. I cannot tell them what the real reason was. I went to the school wearing eyeglasses to hide my red and swollen eyes. I laughed and chatted with them, I have hidden my agony. I have, again, held back the tears. Heck, I won't cry in school, seemingly reasonless. I just have to suppress these emotions that run high in this web of problems. I shall not let this get in my way; I shall not let it distract me, as if it has not, but I won't let this distraction and destruction get heavier. I'm a fighter, and I shall act strong, though my fortress has been weakened, I shall keep on fighting. Go, Fight, Win!

Pimp My Blog

I have been using my blog template for quite awhile now, but my dear friend Chrisia shared me a site filled with nice templates. Finding one which I'd use was difficult, but the most difficult part was on the actual saving part. I could not save the template. Suggestions to revert back to classic template was my last resort, but it's definitely hard to let go of the Beta template, which is like so fcuking cool! It was a pain in my ass, but I have to let go, to welcome something new and which is a gazillion times better than my old template. 

Now, I'm on the process of pimping it. Tragic as it may seem to lose the Beta Template, and lose the access to added widgets and gadgets and all sorts, but I'm glad with my new template. It's time to be on the go. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I may be a day late in posting this, but at least I have commemorated the 9/11 terrorist attack. Nine years have passed after that intentional heinous attack that killed hundreds of people (or perhaps thousands). I could not fathom that diabolical act, how evil the people who initiated that attack, especially its brains. I know vengeance is never a good thing, but I wish their souls burn in hell, if ever they still got one.

But I am not in position to ramble about their cruelty, for I do not know who to put the blame on. Was that really a terrorist attack, or was that an inside job? Was that part of the Illuminati's plan to sacrifice souls to the devil? These queries, I cannot answer. So then I have to divert my mind to praying for the souls of the victims (which should really be the content of this post) and their families to have restive souls, no vengeful feelings inside.

Lord God, I pray that this kind of crime will never happen ever again. No more bombings, no more hostage attacks, no more hijacks, no more piracy attacks, no more accidents, no more natural disasters, no more crimes, no more evil. I pray for this overkill term, world peace. This term may be the most boring and overused term, but we all do pray for world peace, right? So let there be peace on Earth.

A Reflection

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. -- 1 Corinthians 13:13

As I've scanned through my previous posts, I have realized that the emotion that was circling up around my head when I was writing them was Happiness. I was all in elation writing about Lakers and Big Bang, though writing about them is the most daunting job, and I love to write. But was I truly happy? Am I genuinely happy?

My life had lately been under swirls and typhoons of school loads, and no man with a tight wardrobe with an S on his chest was in sight to save me from the catastrophe. However, all these disasters related to school, all of them, I can carry on my very broad and fat shoulders. I don't need Hercules' godly strength, all I need was the will, stamina, and belief to handle the deadly school zone.

I was disregarding, closing my ears, shutting my brain, for the eerie problem that was hanging around the corner of a circle house, which should have no corners, at all. It is tragic and devastating, for my plan and my effort was an epic fail. My fat-filled shoulders, nor my thighs, and a bruised leg cannot carry a problem that I, my brain and heart, cannot contain.

I tried to just disregard this pain, but I am caught in an impasse. I love my Mama and Papa, both of them, so much, more than anything in this world, more than my life. These tears, I will not let them fall. Sometimes, I wish God did not create tear ducts on our eyes, but of course, it is part of His intelligent design.

No matter what, I will not lose a single hint of hope. This strong faith and belief that I uniquely posses, that nobody in our family does, this is the only key to our genuine happiness. I believe in God, I believe in our family, I believe in Love. Love may never be enough, but love is what keeps people to cling, hang, and hold on, because, as simple, funny, stupidly-reasoned, and Born Again-ly this may sound, GOD is LOVE.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kobe Bryant 32

[August 23, 2010]

Photo Credit to Orvillelloyddouglas

No, no, Kobe did not change his jersey number to 32 from 24, he's already 32 years old! Happy 32nd Birthday KOBE BRYANT! You have been our major major inspiration for about 10 years now. That's how long you have been occupying our hearts.

Kobe, thank you so much for always doing your best in the Lakers, and thank you for remaining in the Lakers, even after you have experienced downfall in the team. Staying in the Lakers is the best decision indeed, look at you now! You are the Champions MVP, back to back! You led the Lakers into another victory, and we want a THREEpeat.

No matter how many people argue about your reign as the greatest player, but isn't it clear? You are the greatest player in the planet in your generation. The best and renowned coaches, players, and analysts have declared so. You have also evolved dramatically from a crocodile, hungering for the ball and ever hastening to take shots, wanting all the spotlight, to a very magnanimous and trusting captain, giving chance to co-players to create their own badge. You are incredibly amazing Kobe, and we love you for that.

Kobe, we beseech you to stay in the Lakers and continue playing, do not retire, yet, for we still have a Lakers dream to pursue. Wait for us Kobe, we will come to the Staples Center and watch you play, someday. Please Kobe, do not kill our dream. I believe that we will be able to accomplish this Lakers dream. And I believe that you will attain the 3peat. God bless you Kobe and Lakers. We love you so much!

~We celebrated your birthday Kobe, look at the customized cake. LOL

Big Bang 4 Times Better

August 19 is Big Bang's 4th anniversary! Thank you Lord Jesus! Yet, this is another job that is frustrating. Big Bang is another topic that I can't fully explain in words. Their glory, and my love for them are unexplainable. Still, I will try to. For what use is my post without my ramblings about them.

My love for Big Bang is only a year and a half old. But the time loving them is not what matters, the very core LOVE for them does. So you lovers of Big Bang who had been loving them since their training years have still no say on the new lovers of Big Bang, because after all, we feel the same, we LOVE Big Bang. But of course, like you do, I hate posers (gimme a five for that).

YG, the Big Boss, thank you for creating and developing Big Bang. Without you, I would have not anything drooling about right now, or even writing about right now. Oh, forgive me, I drool so much on other hot idols, but this unique feeling of excitement and sadness for Big Bang is what you created when you created Big Bang. You are really a genius YG! I'll explain sadness. Yes, Big Bang still causes me sadness though they make me very happy. Because I believe that the ones that cause you great happiness are the ones that cause you as much sadness. As in the case of Big Bang, their mere existence is my happiness, but their death(which I hope will not happen very soon) is also a tragic sadness, not only for me, but for all the VIPs. So Big Bang, please take very good care of yourselves and each other.

Big Bang, I am very and absolutely grateful to you guys. You just make me go wild! You are very talented people, and the haters who say you are talentless are just jealous, because they will never be as better as you will ever be. You are the best, the haters are the worst. They do nothing, but discriminate. You do everything to hone your skills and put a different aura of euphoria in the people's lives. See the extremes?

Big Bang, I hope to celebrate more of your anniversaries. May God bless you always. I love you so much!

Photo Credits to Team Big Bang

G-Dragon, My Vita Dolce

[August 18, 2010]

Happy Birthday Kwon Ji Yong!!!

Since the day I saw your face and started admiring you, I knew right then and there, that you are the one for me. That I love you in the fullest of my heart till infinity. When it comes to talking about you, I cannot even express myself completely. I cannot seem to contain myself with words. Expressing my love for you in words is the most dreading thing to do. You are that amazing, and my love for you is that unmeasurable. Your greatness is unexplainable. I just love you so much G-Dragon, and only God knows how much I love you. Only He can explain my love for you, in behalf of me. Sadly, He can never do that, it's not like God will come to you and explain my love to you. Who am I for God to do that? If only you will know my emotions for you, GD, if only you'll know my existence, my addiction, obsession, and craziness about you, by that, I'd be very happy. And please don't fear me, I love you with all my heart, but I'm still acting normally.

Thank you so much GD, for existing 22/23 years now. Without you, I would have not been able to feel this way. I would have not fell in love with you and feel this ecstasy. You intoxicate me GD. I am your heroine, but you are my heroin. I know God has reserved you for me. God has created the best love story of my life, that is why I am still single right now, because you will arrive in my life, and you are the perfect man for me. You are my soul mate, and you are my future husband. I believe that God will give me your love. Someday, we will meet, and you will say "I love you so much Mars", and I will say for uncountable times, "I love you, too, G-Dragon". The only difference with me saying "I love you" by that time, is there's an additional TOO. That one word marks a very big significance in my life, because it means that you love me TOO. How I wish this dream will come true. *tears*

G-Dragon, please take care of yourself, whatever happens to you hurts me. Please be happy, and you know that we are always here, the VIPs. Don't mind the haters GD, haters gonna hate, but lovers gonna love. You are G-Dragon, they either love it or hate it. Be strong. Don't cry. Have more years to live, because you will still spend the remaining of your years with me, and we will still live together. God bless you my love.

Photo Credits to Team Big Bang

Acquaintance Party

[August 7, 2010]

It was our Acquaintance Party, obviously, from the title itself. I don't really love acquaintance parties, and I don't enjoy them that much. I still had fun, though. Hmm, not enough to talk about.

Temporarily Back

I've been on hiatus for quite a while now, but since this week is our Intrams Week, I have a chance to keep my blog up and running, temporarily. It's already August! The month that I recently discovered that I love (or was it last year?). Anyway, August 7 was our Acquaintance party. I don't love acquaintance parties.

The amazing reasons why I love August is because my major major(Venus Raj effect) lovies celebrate their birthday on August. G-Dragon, my ever-beloved guy, my soul mate, my future husband, celebrates his birthday on August 18. Following that day, August 19, is Big Bang's 4th anniversary. The last, but definitely not the least, August 23 is Kobe Bryant's birthday, my all-time favorite, idol, inspiration, and everything and all.

August 4 is my sister Ira's birthday, and August 21 is Grace's birthday, a fellow Tombz. August 15, Cordova's Town Fiesta, was also a day worth remembering, since we, the Big Bang Acafeelers, gathered up in Biankee's house and had a sleepover, but Lordee was missing in action, as always. Such a religious lady.

The following post shall be a further and detailed narration of my August days. My post will not contain any HUHSAE. I have no time to think deeply now nor fill my post with flowery words. I still have a problem with our subjects, and I'm dying. I abhor our teachers. Now, let's keep going! ~

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Never-ending Wave of Mishaps

This is ridiculous. Everything is broken and messed up. Something is definitely wrong, we all can sense it. I am afraid, this problem is still existing, and it could have gotten worse, which I hope is not. It's all related, we could say, for it is a never-ending wave of mishaps. The waves are crushing us, not on the shores, but on rocks with sharp edges. I could burst with tears any moment. I need God, I need someone to console me, but everyone around me has close minds. Only God can understand me, but I cannot seem to find time with Him. I am chasing sunsets. It is very hard, I miss my Mama and Papa. Problems are royal pains in the ass. I can just give up any time now.

My glass of patience is full and overflowing. One snap can set a fury of anger out of me, just one snap, and one I'll be advising you to say goodbye to the world. A count of one, two, three, and the last thing you'll see is me, and the last words you'll hear is Requiescat in Pace. Forgive me God, but I am exhausted of life's drama, of the world's unfair reality. Insanity is choking me, but because of my love for my family, I will keep myself sane, because I am the only one who can take full control of my life. I am the writer of my own life's story. I have to think, think deep.

Real Friends

I miss my real friends. I miss being with them, I miss being the craziest person, doing all of the craziest and childish stuff with them. I miss talking with them, be it gobble dock or with pure sense about life. They are the best buds I've got, because it doesn't matter how many friends you have, what matters is the real friendship. They don't back-stab, they directly tell the person what they have to say. They don't judge you by the way you look, the way you dress up, the way you express yourself, the way you speak, the way you laugh or the things you do. They are true, they are real. They don't fight over petty stuff. They quarrel with each other jokingly, just like how dogs show their love for each other. They understand; they are sensitive to the emotions of one another. They are thoughtful and are very helpful. They make each other aim to be a better person.

I miss myself. I miss myself when I'm with them. I miss myself when I'm with my real friends.

I miss you. I love you so much and I wanna grow old with you, my best buds, even though we act childishly. Forever, you're my real friends.


[July 10-11, 2010]

I have been to Wonderland. I have at last set foot on the paradise which I have been envisioning in my mind. Never have I thought that such magnificent place stood strong on this planet. Never have I felt the warmest, yet piloerection-causing sea water touching my body, tickling my feet with its demure waves. Never have my eyes saw such grandeur of the horizon, the bluest sky, the whitest clouds where seemingly Zeus was outright to appear, the sturdy white-colored rocks like the ancient times. It was a paradise constructed by the Angels who were sent by God, for the people to witness His glorious works and wonders on Earth. It is the perfect place to unwind, the perfect place to fall in love, the perfect place to realize nature, the perfect place to internalize the antithesis of natural science and human institutions, to inquire what created that paradise. Was it man or God, but it was created by both. It was a creation of God which is the most beautiful as it is, and man constructed an abode for people to rest and take a break from the rat race of life. It was BEAUTIFUL.