Thursday, December 23, 2010

Too Petty To Cry For

Fcuk this! I've been getting too emotional lately. Bipolar! Am I? Oh God, my mood swings are not funny anymore, which has never been fun in any way.

1. I cried for the Philippine Azkals, which I already blogged about.
2. I cried TODAY for some petty reason, which in all honestly, if you dig deeper, not really petty.

I'm an avid visitor of iBigBang Fansite. It is where I get the latest news about Big Bang. They have this Christmas Giveaway, all you have to do is to comment on that post (where they talk about the Christmas Giveaway) with your name, email address, age, and a fact about Big Bang or a member, and you get the chance to win a GDTOP album! How freaking cool is that?

I have never been lucky in any games of luck, as I always say, I'm the most unfortunate or unlucky person in the world, however, I wanna try my luck. AND BAM!!!!!! Our cock ass computer or internet or whatever forces that kept me from commenting just worked their might out to NOT let me comment. Fuckthatassshitbitch! I can't comment, because that PAGE(s)/PLUG-IN UNRESPONSIVE thingy keeps on popping up, and I can't scroll up/down, I can't freaking do anything within my power to comment, I am just simply the most unfortunate/unlucky person in the whole universe! I CRIED, because it was not as petty as some people think it to be, it was for Big Bang, for GD and TOP, my top two faves in Big Bang. I was definitely hurt, and I cried. :|

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