Monday, December 20, 2010

By far, the longest two days of my life

December 18 and 19 felt like a double, double combo ( I can't resist GD and TOP). I honestly thought that four days have already past after the start of our Christmas break, but I realized, it has only been 2 days. How great is that? Perhaps attending the Misa de Gallo is one factor that establishes my long duration of days. The days were not my normal unproductive days full of lazyheads, sleeping, eating, couch-potato, TV-faced habit. They were wondrous days spent with the most important persons in my life.

I spent my Saturday with Leslie and Catherine, Madel (Leslie's friend) and Lyn Rose (Leslie's friend's cousin) shooting a video greeting for Leslie's boyfriend, Jessie. His birthday is on December 25 and he's out abroad, he's an NSA student, and I don't know what that means, Norwegian Slllmmbb Asshhhrr. Ok, so early in the morning, while waiting for Catherine, we karaoke-ed our way like an early drunkard, drinking Yakult. A Yakult drunkard. And when Cath arrived, we started shooting the video and blah blah. Too lazy to provide the details. Whatever, I had fun, and I miss spending time with these dorks. Meg was MIA, because she was traumatized. The last time she tried to come party with us, she lost her wallet, or was stolen. I miss you, Meggy Adorkable!

In the evening, we went to Hi-Soar Construction Services Christmas Party, my Uncle's party for his business. It was tummy-exploding. I consumed like a barrel of food, and my tummy could just explode into a thousand colors. There were lots of food, but I only selected some to intake. I had beef stew, which was amazingly tender, roasted beef, roasted pork/pig, roasted turkey, crab paella, spaghetti, and buko pandan for dessert, and of course, rice, I would never omit that. My aunt gave us gifts, Mama and Kent received elegantly-looking watches, which I am very jealous of. While my sister Ira and I received a not elegantly-looking bag which can be folded into a purse. The color? Polka-dotted pink bag. WTF! I am grateful for the gift, but a polka-dotted pink bag? Come on! Pink is my enemy color. Ate Ira's was green, good thing she was kind enough and offered to exchange our bags.

Yesterday, Sunday, was my Mama and Papa's 20th Wedding Anniversary. We celebrated it in KFC, and tried their Christmas bucket feast. Our only aim was the decadent cake, because years ago, their decadent cake was the most delicious cake I ever tasted, at that moment. Sadly, I was disappointed, because it was not the same cake. Oh well, it was still mouth-watering.

Yesterday was also the first time, I suppose, I went shopping with my brother. Well, we get to shop with him around, but yesterday, it was not us who were shopping, it was him. He bought sneakers, and it really took us a big deal of time before he really bought what he wanted, and he end up buying Draven sneakers. OMG! I saw Giro yesterday, and he was with his girlfriend, if I'm not mistaken. Boo you, Giro, boo!

In the evening, I watched Philippines vs. Indonesia in the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010, which will have a separate post later. I was sad, and so I went with Mama to go fetch Ate Ira in Velez. She had a 3-11 duty. T'was a long night, and I only had 2 hours and 30 minutes of sleep. Hello eye bags!

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