Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas In Our Hearts

Merry Christmas!

In all honestly, I do not really feel the spirit of Christmas this year. It's actually sad, ain't it? However, I'm happy, Mama and Ate are happy, because we have completed the Misa de Gallo, for the very first time! 9 mornings of waking up very out-of-the-ordinary early, having more or less 3 hours of sleep, hearing the mass while standing all throughout the end, because the church is overcapacity and signals its failing whale. It had not been that easy. On the 4th Misa de Gallo, the weather was not good on us. Strong winds and strong rain clashed just above the church. We battled our way towards a shelter, but they were all already full of people, and alas, found a dark, creepy place near the church, the convent. People who attended the mass were draping wet. On the 8th day, my very own body twisted me with agony - dysmenorrhea. I was about to give up, thinking that God would understand, but my fighting spirit pushed me and told myself that a mere dysmenorrhea can't pull me down. I struggled to the church and gathered all the strength I have left to finish the mass. I'm so close to completing the Misa de Gallo, and I won't let this darn dysmenorrhea ruin my dream. Today was a fulfillment.

I won't indulge myself into the sad part, which is about my father not being here with us this Christmas (the third time, I suppose), as it's Christmas and have to be in the joyous atmospheric condition. Music makes me happy, it calms my soul. To feel the spirit of Christmas, I downloaded the Christmas In Our Hearts Album of Jose Mari Chan. It' my all-time favorite. Since I was a child, this album has been a must-play-every-Christmas-season CD in our house, along with the Disney's Christmas Album. The CD is left in our house in Mindanao, and probably won't play anymore, it's been years since the last time we played it. I had a hard time downloading it, since all the torrent files have ZERO seeds/seeders, and all other downloads are not free, capitalistic sons of binoculars! Thankfully, I found this very socialistic individual who offered a free download of the album -- now that's true showing of a Christmas spirit! It's a zip file and just needs to be extracted with the help of the password also freely given by this altruistic person, the password's shyguy. Here's the link,,g/music-jose-mari-chan-christmas-in-our-hearts.html, and you go figure the rest. ☺

After hearing the songs, I now feel the spirit of Christmas. This album is just overwhelming. Brilliant Jose Mari Chan, brilliant!

Merry Christmas!!!!! Happy Birthday, Jesus!!!!!!!

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