marsynthesis. Mars is her name, and her blog serves as a synthesis of who she is. Her blog is a complex whole of her elements.

Mars originally built her blog on Multiply under GIBBERISH GIBBERISH. However, she grew tired of Multiply and wandered into the new world of Blogger, where she soon found that it was the place for her; her secret escape. The Soul Blabber was never meant to be public. It was a clandestine blog where Mars just vents out everything. It was created for her own purpose, as she considered it her diary and journal of some kind. She never wished for blog stalkers, unless the stalkers are Big Bang and Lakers.

The Soul Blabber continued to be her console. Writing her feelings down to her blog seemed telling her problems to a counselor, although no advises were spoken. However, she faced problems and consequences that have drowned her soul into the darkest and deepest ocean;  the realm of abominations. She ceased blogging. As she considered it her diary, she was too afraid that she might extract all the juice of her life into it. It would be unthinkable. Thus, the Soul Blabber now only contains superficial contents of her life. She doesn't write much about her genuine feelings, anymore. Her sentiments and true emotions can't be found in her new blog posts, unlike before. She has restricted herself from what she used to consider as her diary.

There are times that the hands of Mars itch to write her feelings down, but she continues to discipline herself. She, herself, empathizes her soul. She can no longer blab what's in her soul. Mars can no longer blab anything, especially her emotions, to her blog. Time will come, she will again blab her soul into her blog. As to when, she doesn't know, but she continues to hope, she continues to believe. Everything is gonna be alright, maybe not today, but eventually. BELIEVE.

What she meant about "genuine feelings", "true emotions", and "soul" is with regards to her problems. We all have a right to privacy. Instead of pouring her heartfelt sentiments regarding her sufferings in this blog, she maximizes this blog as her tool for expressing happiness. "Happiness is a choice", as they say. Hence, she chooses to be happy despite her predicament.

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