Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fangirl Dilemma: To buy or not to buy G-Dragon's ONE OF A KIND Album


GD - ‘One Of A Kind’ 1st Mini Album CD Package!PRICE: 16,300KRW about $15RELEASE DATE: 120918COVER VERSIONS: Gold & Bronze 
One Of A Kind
In The End ft. ? (YG New Girl Group)
That XX 
Missing You ft. Kim Yoon Ah (Jaurim)
Today ft. Kim Jong Wan (Nell)
Try To Set A Fire ft. Tablo (Epik High) & Dok2 [BONUS TRACK]
get it! get it!
I'm at an impasse where I don't know where to go, left or right? To buy or not to buy, that is the question. You see, G-Dragon's first mini album "One of a Kind" is coming out this September. I'm dying to buy the album, because I love G-Dragon so much, and I don't wanna miss this! I did not buy his first album "Heartbreaker", so I don't want to do the same loss again. However, when I weigh the cost and benefits, I should not buy the album. I spent way too much for Big Bang, that I sacrificed having the new iPad for them. One might say, "If you love them, sacrifice everything for them". Well, I did. I'm saving my allowance for this entire semester, because of their concert this October. I already bought the concert ticket and plane tickets, but I have to appropriate money for my expenses in my stay in Manila. Plus, I'm not rich! I can't buy anything I want in just a snap. Let's be practical and economical here.

Despite that, I still want to buy the album! What am I gonna do? I know that I shouldn't, because I'm just going to leave it on the side of my room. Besides, I rarely play the Big Bang albums I bought, mainly because the reason why I bought the albums is not for the CD, but for the photobooks and posters. I'm cray cray like that. Gaaaaaah! It's driving me insane! What should I do? Should I buy the album? Fudge! I don't know what to do! 

I'll probably just let my inner soul guide me in my decision. I pray to God that I will win that giveaway, so that I don't have to buy the album anymore. Otherwise, I will sulk and wallow over my being the most unfortunate person in all games of chance. I will win that giveaway! Aja! Believe.

Anyway, to coast away from this fangirl dilemma, I'll just listen to the songs and let the melodies and beats console me. I love you, G-Dragon. Sincerely, your one and only VIP. ☺

Don't forget to watch the music videos!

One of a Kind

That XX

UPDATED. The M/V just came out

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