Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DIY Weaved Shirt

Since it's summer here in the Philippines, I used my time to reconstruct my shirt apt for the summer heat. I need some air to cool my back. Hence, the DIY weaved shirt. Too shy to show my back, so yeah, I have a pink back.

this is the original shirt

1. Cut the seamed neckline 

2. Fold the back and cut (make sure the result is a V shape)

3. Slowly pull each string

4. Weave!

*2nd string over the 1st string*

*then 3rd string over the 2nd string*

and so on...

cut the last string and tie the ends


You now have a DIY weaved shirt.

Sorry for the not so clear steps, I'm somehow in a hurry. Only blogged about this DIY today because I'm wearing the shirt now, but I DIY-ed it a few weeks ago. I'm having a vacation at my aunt's house.  It's midnight and I'm at the porch alone. Gaaah! I have too many pending posts, but I must enjoy my summer than stay online the whole day. That's all for now. Tudaloo!