Saturday, December 31, 2011

Baguio 2011

Baguio is my favorite place in the Philippines! Yay! The weather is just fantastic. I could walk miles and miles without a single sweat. It would be my number 1 tourist destination in the Philippines. I wanna go back there. Baguio's too awesome! Hence, a photo-heavy post. :)

Random places

Philippine Military Academy (PMA)
my camera's lens is sooooo dirty

I'm a crazy wolf girl! Awooooo!
What I wore:
[from Baguio kawaii wolf hat, thrifted sweater, Get Laud leggings, sunglasses I bought at Greenhills, from Qatar scarf, Officine clutch, NAVA boots]

The Mansion

Mines View Park
Yna with St. Bernard

Executive Express Apartelle
Executive Express was our agency for the tour. They are so kind. I appreciate their work.
hoarding some pasalubong

year of the Dragon next year! 2012!

vain wolf! LOL. I love my kawaii hat.


waiting for our flight and captured cute babies! NO! I'm NOT a pedophile!


  1. Really great pictures! I haven't been to Baguio for years and looking at your photos made me miss it so much. I hope I can come back there next year. :D

    Anyway, I hope you can join my giveaway here I'm giving away a pretty neck piece. :D Thanks and Happy new year :D


  2. Hello Biang! Thank you. I miss Baguio so much,too. I wanna go back there so badly. Haha. The weather is just perfect. :)