Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Am A Failure

I have failed. I am the greatest failure Earth has ever conceived. Another year has passed, I did not succeed. I will continue to be a lost soul wandering through this space, finding the light. End - to put an end into this demise. Courage - I must possess, which I have continuously lost grip of. Enlightenment - they need it. 

God, you know very well what my heart desires. You know very well that I will execute my plan, unless there is divine intervention. Miracle - just miracle. All I need is a miracle. Cast away the evil spell. Enlighten the minds. Sparkle magical fairy dusts in our lives. Bring back what once was ours; what once was mine.

2011 was obviously not my year. Yes, I want time to run slowly, for me to savor each moment. However, I long for 2012 to come. I want to welcome 2012 with my biggest warm embrace. 2011 killed my soul. 2012 must draw the card of resurrection. If the world will ever end on 2012, I hope before it ends, all my dreams have come true, the meaningful ones, the least. Please don't make me fail. I will rise up from my ashes like a phoenix, I will soar high, I will succeed. You, God, will make me. I believe.
Do you see the phoenix?
Took this years ago.
I now realize that I was facing a mirror when I took this.
The fighting spirit of a phoenix is now my ignition.

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