Wednesday, December 28, 2011


2012 is fast approaching and I have been practicing some changes, lately. Believe me. You don't? Okay, I can't blame you. I never change. Change is the hardest task of people. Each passage of year, I always say that I will change. I try so hard to change, but mostly I don't. 

My sister found this FB status of mine that I posted last year. FRONT KICK TO THE FACE! Ouch, that hurts.
It is good to have the same resolution each year, so that we'll continue to be better. But isn't it a living proof that keeping the same resolution means you haven't lived up to them? Quite an interesting contradiction, don't you think?

Well, I have read from somewhere that "It is better to keep old resolutions than to make new ones." I guess I finally found an excuse to keep my old resolution for the coming year. Besides, I honestly have not lived up to them. Now, this coming 2012, I have the chance to correct my mistakes and be the best, if not the greatest, that I could be. I plan to make 2012 my year, because 2011 was not my year. I can't spill out every misfortune and tragedy that came into my life this year. It's too complex and painful.

Since we're speaking about changes, I'm disheartened to say that I haven't changed. I'm savoring the remaining days of 2011 as the procrastinator that I am. I loathe this character that I possess, but it's really hard to change. I haven't changed myself. I'm still the lazy one. I'm still the person that I hate to be. The internet has eaten my soul. I am caged in the intraweb, and I cannot get out. I need Michael Scofield to break me out of this prison, but he's dead. How about Steve McQueen, will you plan my great escape? Oh, I think I'll just go to my reliable Dean Winchester. He has impossibly broken out of prison many times. Pardon me for being too fictional. I am a realist, but I oftentimes rely on fictional characters.

CHANGE! I haven't changed my lazy character, but I have good news, nonetheless. Because of being to caught up in the intraweb, I have made time to pimp my blog and my tumblelog. Did you notice my new template and layout? If you did, thank you. If you did not, well, check it out. I'm trying to be interactive here. Do check out my tumblr here. *click click* If you have a tumblr account, don't hesitate to follow me. I follow whoever follows me in tumblr. I'm becoming friendlier. I guess it will be part of my resolution. You see, I am anti-social. I am friendly, but I am anti-social.

This post is becoming long, now. I blab too much. Ahem. There's a reason why my blog is named soul blabber. So I'll go on. 

CHANGE. My LA Lakers brought a change to ZERO. They won today's game, and that made me very happy. I love Lakers too much that I avoid blabbing about them. It just gives me so much agony when they lose. I will forever blame David Stern for their losses this season. Veto everything, David Stern. You are the president of the world. You think you've got the greatest legacy in NBA history for ending the lockout. NO! You don't. You've got the worst legacy in NBA history for abusing your power! Your name is on my list.

This post is becoming rather too long. I better end this, now. I hope you all have a good year. Let's become better persons. Let's all change for the better.

P.S. My writing in this post is fashioned in a child's way of writing. My point - I am not a grown-up. Please read The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. I have read it twice, and the learning is as magical as the first time I finished reading it. Please. It's one of the best books out there.

Hoping for change, 

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