Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Sweet Treats

After meeting the fashion bloggers, my Mama, sister and I indulged in the Christmas Sweet Treats fair in Ayala Terraces. Lots of stores selling pastries and desserts were there, including Vanille, Dessert Factory, Betty's, The Cupcakery, and more.

We tried The Cupcakery, because it's usually only available online for orders. It does not have a concrete store. Aside from that, my sister claims that their Red Velvet cupcake is super delish. Another reason is one of the owners of The Cupcakery is my friend's friend or shall I say, Star's friend, Vanessa. We only bought half a dozen - 3 Red Velvet, and 1 each for Cookies and Cream, Double Chocolate, and S'mores. I can finally attest to their commercial claims. Yes, the cupcakes of The Cupcakery are very yummy and sweet. 

I love the box, it looks so earth-friendly

heavenly goodness

my Mama and sister...  look at the purple cap of the water bottle of Vanille, so cute!

We also had a free photobooth picture after buying from the fair, by Sunny Snaps Fun Photobooth.

I love spending happy and fun time with my Mama and sister. I love hanging out with them. I love them. That day was totally a Christmas sweet treat. Merry Christmas, everyone!

P.S. Visit the Facebook page of The Cupcakery and Sunny Snaps Fun Photobooth for more information and for contact details.