Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Lights

In order to make my blog active without the need of occasions for me to blog about or some rush of emotions that also triggers me to blog, I shall make this blog a photoblog of some sort. I am definitely not a photographer nor taking photography lessons. I simply want to revive the photos I took years ago, back when I was in highschool and first year college (I'm now a graduating student). I uploaded them in my multiply account and I feel nostalgic about them.

Hence, the photos are my very own adaptation of Christmas lights. I decided to present them first because it is the Christmas season, and Christmas lights really lightens up my mood. They make me smile.

The view of the photos is actually an ocean and the lights are floating above the ocean, as they seem. The reflecting lights are from the city of Cebu. I took them from the nearby island. Yes, I zoom too much. Aside from appearing like Christmas lights, the lights look like techno beats, too.

this one is my favorite because the three lights look like three dancing tribal stick people, 
it looks to festive!


  1. Cool photos!

  2. love the photos:)

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  3. @QUEENIE G.
    Thank you! I joined your giveaway, hope I'll win. Happy Holidays!