Saturday, July 17, 2010

Never-ending Wave of Mishaps

This is ridiculous. Everything is broken and messed up. Something is definitely wrong, we all can sense it. I am afraid, this problem is still existing, and it could have gotten worse, which I hope is not. It's all related, we could say, for it is a never-ending wave of mishaps. The waves are crushing us, not on the shores, but on rocks with sharp edges. I could burst with tears any moment. I need God, I need someone to console me, but everyone around me has close minds. Only God can understand me, but I cannot seem to find time with Him. I am chasing sunsets. It is very hard, I miss my Mama and Papa. Problems are royal pains in the ass. I can just give up any time now.

My glass of patience is full and overflowing. One snap can set a fury of anger out of me, just one snap, and one I'll be advising you to say goodbye to the world. A count of one, two, three, and the last thing you'll see is me, and the last words you'll hear is Requiescat in Pace. Forgive me God, but I am exhausted of life's drama, of the world's unfair reality. Insanity is choking me, but because of my love for my family, I will keep myself sane, because I am the only one who can take full control of my life. I am the writer of my own life's story. I have to think, think deep.

Real Friends

I miss my real friends. I miss being with them, I miss being the craziest person, doing all of the craziest and childish stuff with them. I miss talking with them, be it gobble dock or with pure sense about life. They are the best buds I've got, because it doesn't matter how many friends you have, what matters is the real friendship. They don't back-stab, they directly tell the person what they have to say. They don't judge you by the way you look, the way you dress up, the way you express yourself, the way you speak, the way you laugh or the things you do. They are true, they are real. They don't fight over petty stuff. They quarrel with each other jokingly, just like how dogs show their love for each other. They understand; they are sensitive to the emotions of one another. They are thoughtful and are very helpful. They make each other aim to be a better person.

I miss myself. I miss myself when I'm with them. I miss myself when I'm with my real friends.

I miss you. I love you so much and I wanna grow old with you, my best buds, even though we act childishly. Forever, you're my real friends.


[July 10-11, 2010]

I have been to Wonderland. I have at last set foot on the paradise which I have been envisioning in my mind. Never have I thought that such magnificent place stood strong on this planet. Never have I felt the warmest, yet piloerection-causing sea water touching my body, tickling my feet with its demure waves. Never have my eyes saw such grandeur of the horizon, the bluest sky, the whitest clouds where seemingly Zeus was outright to appear, the sturdy white-colored rocks like the ancient times. It was a paradise constructed by the Angels who were sent by God, for the people to witness His glorious works and wonders on Earth. It is the perfect place to unwind, the perfect place to fall in love, the perfect place to realize nature, the perfect place to internalize the antithesis of natural science and human institutions, to inquire what created that paradise. Was it man or God, but it was created by both. It was a creation of God which is the most beautiful as it is, and man constructed an abode for people to rest and take a break from the rat race of life. It was BEAUTIFUL.


I have started wearing my eye glasses on July 5, and I am not enjoying it. I mean, which sane person would love to wear eye glasses ALL THE TIME?! First off, it is much of a hassle, and I am still not used to it. Good thing the one-week period of getting-to-know my eye glasses has lapsed. It doesn't cause me much headaches anymore, I'm slowly grasping its supposed function on me, which is to heal my astigmatism.

This is not a joke. This is not a fashion statement. This is ASTIGMATISM.

Friday, July 02, 2010


Oh my GOD! It is July. There are so many happenings in June that I wasn't able to put in words. I have never felt so busy, ever before. Perhaps I did, I'm just exaggerating. Time just flew so fast that I forgot the feeling of being in this busy and terrified condition. Pressure is pushing down on me, no man asked for.

With the state of hiatus I was into, I shall just write briefly the June events, special events, to be exact. Today's Friday! Cheers to the Gods and Goddesses who made Friday. As what Biankee Tehankee always says, Thank God it's Friday! Because it's Friday, I shall grab this moment to write.

[June 2, 2010]
I really forgot to post this, but I am posting this now. It was my Kuya's civil wedding day. I am so happy for him. He may not be our real Kuya, but he's really a part of the family. He may just be our Uncle, but he's more Kuya to us than anyone else. I am also very happy with his newly-born son, Baby Dime Alexi, he's gonna be a rocker dude or perhaps going to be a rock star. Thank you for everything Kuya, we love you!

[June 18, 2010]
Los Angeles Lakers won their 16th championship, with Kobe Bryant as MVP. One of the happiest days of my life. Lakers just mean so much to me. My love for them is just a few degrees less than my love for my family. It's like they're one of my priorities in life, though I don't even know how to contribute on their victory, except for praying, believing, visualizing, and thinking positively. This is my dream, seeing them win, seeing them smile again, just like the smile on their faces when they won last year, or even sweeter than that. I don't know what spell the Lakers has casted upon me, but I do not need anything to lift that spell, because I'm loving this feeling. Thank you so much Lord God, thank you, thank you, thank you. Until now, I have not recovered from their victory, my mind is still drifting in the state of the NBA finals, in the realm of the Lakers' happiness. Please God, it's going to be sweet to watch the Lakers repeat. From now on, I shall start doing The Secret, and still keeping the faith. The Lakers makes me a better person. ♥

[June 21, 2010]
Not totally a special day, it's my brother's birthday. Happy birthday to him. It's also the birthday of my ex-crush. But his scratching-then-smelling-his-fingers system is just way too disappointing. It was definitely grossed. Aside from that, his public extraction of hardened ectoplasmic goo, ewww 1000 times. It is also the anniversary of the sinking of the Princess of the Stars. I pray for all the souls to rest in peace, and to the families to continue living their life without the existence of their loved ones.

[June 30, 2010]
I have astigmatism. I have long been suffering from headaches, upper back pains, and a feeling of wanting to vomit. Mama suspected that I may have eye problems, though I can really see clearly from near or far. We went to an eye center for an eye check-up. Cash was falling on the ground with just that. My lens were over expensive, but it's for my eyes, so we have to spend. I shall be a geek soon. I will have to always wear my eyeglasses, and shall only take them off when sleeping or taking a bath. NERD! On the bright side, my eyeglasses is very cute (for me), it's PURPLE! Purple and Gold equals LAKERS. :D

~I guess these are just the special events that happened in June, though there are much more. I will try to keep posted during the weekends. It's beautiful to write.