Saturday, June 25, 2011

DIY School Shoes (Ankle Straps to Toe Straps)

My most recent DIY project, my school shoes, which ankle straps became toe straps, but not in the most literal of terms. School shoes adorned at the toes with the straps (originally ankle straps).

The history behind the alteration was that the ankle straps are too time-consuming. Truth be told, I am a latecomer. I am always late for school. It has somehow become my trademark. Consequently, attaching the ankle straps before going to school would make me even more late. I have to rush and run, so I decided to remove the ankle straps to save me time, but honestly, though, I still am late for school even without the ankle  straps. However, my shoes became right out drab! I had to do something.

1. school shoes with ankle straps
2. scissors
3. super glue

1. Internalize if you really want to remove the straps at the ankles; if you really want to glue the straps permanently at the toes of your shoes; if you wanna try out something new; if you wanna DIY
2. If you decide to follow my craziness/creativity, remove the straps at the ankles
3. Cut the straps
4. Glue the straps at the toes of your shoes with a super glue... and 
BAM! You now have your very own DIY school shoes.

P.S. I really wanna say this. I love how the first photo looks like (that at the uppermost part). I am amazed how it turned out. I shot it using my Samsung Marvel, would you believe that? I did not even post-process that, except for the watermark. I love its color; its contrast. I'm in love with it. I don't even love those other photos which were taken using a real camera, not that of a camera phone. That's all. Bow. Heeeee

Thursday, June 23, 2011

DIY Instructions Postponed

I'm supposed to post DIY instructions for my latest DIY School Shoes (Ankle Strap to Toe Strap), but something is definitely wrong with the ADD IMAGE in the posting, so fuck that crap, and pardon me for being cranky.

I know this is a stupid post, but I just have to let it out.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Thirsty Thought X Belle du Jour Giveaway

This post is a reblog from Thirsty Thought by Kryz Uy. If you wanna join the giveaway, just visit her blog and try your luck!

School is starting, and what better way to organize your busy schedule than getting your hands on Belle du Jour’s new campus planner!
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That’s it!
This contest is open to all PHILIPPINE RESIDENTS. One user = one comment = one entry. Those who re-blog  get to leave two comments (make sure to include the link to your blog!) Winners will be chosen via You’ll have RIGHT NOW until June 12 to get your answers in, so HURRY! :)

Saturday, June 04, 2011

DIY Green Stones Bracelet

Another DIY bracelet that I made together with the DIY Charm Bracelet and the DIY Hanging Beads Bracelet. I brought my DIY hype into a pause, because I've been spending all my cash (as if I have lots of it) for accessories. My vision for fringe necklace and spring bow necklace is on a blur.

Call me a loser, but the DIY level in this bracelet is just the elastic line and my effort of inserting these stones into it. That was only it. Originally, this was a bracelet with this exact appearance. It was given by my aunt, which was given by her sister from the U.S. The thought of it from a very rich lady (my aunt's sister) makes me value these precious stones (look at them, they look like Tibetan Spiderweb Green Stones!). So when the original elastic line of this bracelet was on the verge of breaking, I just ended its 50-50 life, and patented the original design into the new elastic line, and gave it another life.

1. green stones
2. metallic flower-shaped beads
3. elastic line
4. scissors

1. Insert the green stones and the metallic flower-shaped beads into the elastic line alternately
2. Tie the ends of the elastic line
3. Cut the excess elastic line

LOL. I instruct easy breezy DIY's. That is because my DIYs are dependent on the materials available at home. I don't wanna spend a dime for accessories, anymore, at this moment. Hope to hit the play button on my DIY hype later on. Cheeyaaah!