Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Reflection of My 2011

My 2011 was one hell of a ride. I had a lot of ups - probably my most traveled year, from Luzon, Visayas to Mindanao. I met a lot of personalities - Philippine National Football Team Azkals, Gloc 9, Denise Barbacena, Will Devaughn, Jovic Susim, and my favorite fashion bloggers Camille Co, Kryz Uy, and Laureen Uy. I had my dose of practical experience - being a delegation liaison officer for Quang Ninh, Vietnam in the East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum, and my OJT in the Palace of Justice. My loved ones attained success - sissy Ira graduated and became a registered nurse.

HOWEVER, my downs weigh heavier. My world dimmed. Struck by thunder and lighting from the nebulous clouds, I was lacerated into a thousand pieces. On the verge of losing my whole life's reason of existence, my own birthday was zero festive mood. Valentine's day debunked my values. Cupid's arrow brought me anguish and sorrow, poisoned me with malevolence. I restrict myself to disclose facts about my sufferings, though. It's too painful. I would not let myself reminisce the agony.

NEVERTHELESS, a lot of people encouraged and inspired me to look at the positive aspects of life. I pondered thoroughly. Now, I see fireworks bursting into a thousand colors! God loves me so much, that despite all the trials and struggles in my life, He's always here to console me. Trials exist for a reason. Without them, my muscles of faith would not grow. I would not return to the loving arm of my heavenly Father. I would not know what true happiness means. Happiness would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. I believe in God, no matter what. I will continue loving him with my imperfect love, as Bo Sanchez suggested. He loves my struggling love.


HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!
Let's hope we all have a good year ahead of us.
Let's never forget to thank God for everything.
Talk to Him. Your words are harmonious melody to His ears.
Have a conversation with Him, you'll find it soothing.
Answers delayed are not answers denied.
Keep your faith.

God bless you! :)

Baguio 2011

Baguio is my favorite place in the Philippines! Yay! The weather is just fantastic. I could walk miles and miles without a single sweat. It would be my number 1 tourist destination in the Philippines. I wanna go back there. Baguio's too awesome! Hence, a photo-heavy post. :)

Random places

Philippine Military Academy (PMA)
my camera's lens is sooooo dirty

I'm a crazy wolf girl! Awooooo!
What I wore:
[from Baguio kawaii wolf hat, thrifted sweater, Get Laud leggings, sunglasses I bought at Greenhills, from Qatar scarf, Officine clutch, NAVA boots]

The Mansion

Mines View Park
Yna with St. Bernard

Executive Express Apartelle
Executive Express was our agency for the tour. They are so kind. I appreciate their work.
hoarding some pasalubong

year of the Dragon next year! 2012!

vain wolf! LOL. I love my kawaii hat.


waiting for our flight and captured cute babies! NO! I'm NOT a pedophile!

Subic 2011

Anywhere in Subic

A giant ogre!
What I wore:
[DIY denim cut-offs, thrifted top, NAVA boots, from Tagaytay magnetic ballers]