Friday, December 30, 2011

St. James Amusement Park (Cebu)

Yesterday, my best buddies and I frenzied in the newly opened amusement park in Cebu. St. James Amusement Park is just across Parkmall, near Cebu International Convention Center (CICC). We played around like toddlers and screamed our hearts out. We, who are kids at heart, savored each passing moment in the park. I know it is way beyond the level of Enchanted Kingdom, not even close to Fantasy Land. The rides are not that scary and heart-pumping, and there were only a few. I could not get satisfied, but since I was with my best-est friends in the whole universe, the fun couldn't get more exaggerating. For a temporary amusement park, St. James gets a thumbs up for its glamour. It surpasses the other temporary carnivals in Cebu. I guess I'll let the photos speak for themselves. My words won't do the magnificence justice. 

Let's fly!

meet me with Catherine
What I wore (I have no sane outfit photo):
[Cedarwood State Cardigan, Mossimo Top, Vintage Satchel,
Tom's Foolery Necklace, Get Laud Leggings, Forever 21 Booties]

meet Catherine

meet Meg

meet Leslie

meet the guy - Jessie (Leslie's bf)

meet Meg's siblings - Jethro and Mira

the crazyheads - my best butts

Credits to Meg for all the photos and for uploading them immediately.
Thank you to Leslie for the treat.

Lord God, thank you for this lovely day with lovely people.
You are just awesome! I will keep on repeating that.

P.S. You may ask, HOW MUCH?
Entrance fee is P50. Almost each ride costs P100. St. James amusement park has a TOKEN system. One token is P50, so a ride will require you two tokens, making a ride worth 100. My friend told me that there's a ride-all-you-can option which costs P500. I'm not really sure, though.
Prices may change.


  1. Was just there tonight with my family they have a sale and entrance is now 50 pesos and rides only 1 or 2 tokens, all day pass 300. its really good deal now will go back bring my visiting friends for sinulog ugma!

  2. Hello, thank you so much for the additional information. Happy Sinulog! I hope you're having a good time.

    Viva Pit Senyor! :)

  3. what other food is there? besides dunkin.. heheh

    1. Well, there are hotdogs, barbecues, and other food. :)

  4. hi! is this amusement park still open? im planning on visiting this weekend. :)

    1. Hello! I am very sorry, I haven't been online to answer your question. However, as of today, it is still open. I passed by the park this afternoon and saw many people going in. Hope this helps, though it's too late.

  5. wow! kanindot!
    maka turn-off lang ang pathway...
    mas nindot na ba ang St James karon?
    I haven't been there jud....

    1. Hi, Nikita!
      Wa pa ko kabalik sa St. James after ani, but I think mas nindot na siya karon kay naa additional rides. If mu pass by ko, naay dako na inflatable slide ride.

  6. hello.. open pa ba ang st. james until decemeber 22? planning to go there.. thanks :)

    1. Hi. I'm really sorry for not replying on time. I haven't been blogging. And I can't really know when they are open or not.