Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Charity

First off, pardon me as this is a backlog post. I was just waiting for Meg to upload the photos. She's lazier than me, lately. 

Last December 22, Doctor Barbie held a Christmas party for the orphans and indigent children at her own house. She's been doing this charity for three years, now. My best buddies and I volunteered to assist her. By the way, Doctor Barbie is the friend of Meg's mom, who is also a Doctor. She's a pediatrician at Perpetual Succour, so I'm assuming Doctor Barbie is one, too.

Leslie, Meg, and I were assigned at the "Decorate a Box" table. We assisted the children in decorating their cutely-shaped boxes with sequins and beads. Meg brought two fire dancer friends, Michael and Vince. Michael was a secret performer at the party, while Vince opted not to perform. Both were assigned  to number the gifts for the children.

our "Decorate a Box" station

the children's Bouncy Castle

Doctor Barbie hosting parlor games for the children

Bubble performance!

the children's performance

meet Vince and Michael

Micheal the fire dancer (no photo of the performance, recorded it on video)

the crazyheads!

this is the only sane photo of me

with the kind-hearted Doctor Barbie (Barbie's her nickname)

Doctor Barbie is an angel sent from God. She showed the true spirit of Christmas. She's not only charitable, she's also Earth-friendly. She taught the children how to segregate the garbage from biodegradable and non-biodegradable. Moreover, the food she prepared for the party was such a big treat! I'm sure the children enjoyed them as much as we did. Leslie even shed tears for the super delicious Red Ribbon chocolate moist. Generosity runs in the blood of Doctor Barbie.

P.S. This party was somehow the party of my best buddies. Catherine was not able to come at the last minute, though, because of some reasons. Achellie has not contacted us, too. Both were MIA. Love these moments spent with them. We seldom gather, because of our hectic and different schedules. But, we always see to it that we hang out every break or vacation. I love these people to pieces, forever. They are the best-est friends in the whole universe!

Thank you, Lord, for awesome people.
Lord, You are so awesome!


  1. what a great way to celebrate Christmas! :)

  2. Awesome! I've always wanting to join such kind of activity but have no chance yet. Lucky you. :)

    Anyway, followed your blog.
    Tia ♥

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  4. Thank you, Patricia. I joined your giveaway. :)