Thursday, September 30, 2010

Busy Bee

The Busy Bee, the kind of listener who doesn't really listen, but busy doing some other stuff, like combing the hair, chatting with friends, or fixing their faces. But I ain't referring to the Busy Bee as a kind of listener, because I am not that kind of listener. I present myself as a Busy Bee, from the word itself, BUSY. I am absolutely friggin' busy, like I'm a superstar, but sadly, I'm not. School works and shits are being wiped at my face, and they reek, and their stink won't leave me and they follow me wherever I go. Now that's real shit!

Today, we are scheduled to pass a Comparative Analysis of the Political and Economic Development of UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan. Yes, I am currently having a nasal menstruation, and as I am typing, the blood keeps flowing and jumping its own way to the keyboard. Heck! I do not even know how to start the comparative analysis, so I spent doing the job yesterday night, but my heavy eyes won't open up on me, so I had to lay it to slumber. My alarms were breaking my eardrums at 6am, my body and my eyes wanted to continue lying in bed, but my brain reprimanded them and required them to stand the hell up.

Ate little breakfast, which is kind of weird, because I eat like a scavenger, and headed off my way towards the computer to start working on the thing. ALAS! I finished it, but not really sure if it is worth a grade. Suddenly, I received a breaking news, NO CLASS! WTF? I have spent the whole morning doing it, and you tell me there's no class? Okay, that was supposed to be a good news, but I was shocked. Initial reaction! But, on the bright side, it must be submitted TODAY. At least my efforts paid, though that was not really a work of intelligence. That was only a I-have-to-pass-it-today-so-I-have-to-finish-it work.

I HAVEN'T STUDIED FOR OUR POLITICAL LAW! What am I going to do? I'm going to die! I just hope I will not be called for the oral recitation today. Please God, you know what I have been through today, so I deserve to NOT be called.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Niña's 19th Birthday

We pretended we forgot her birthday, we told her silly lies that we didn't prepare anything for her, no tears-inducing surprises, no gifts, but she was happy. We waited till the the afternoon, before our last subject of the days starts, and blasted her off her feet with our surprise, and she was crying with joy. She never did expect that we'll do the "expected surprise" that we always do with our fellow Tombs. I could just see the elation in her sparkling eyes, and that makes us happy, too.

We had dinner at her place, and guess what, we had FUN! Her mom just cooks the tastiest carbonara in town! Not even Pizza Hut can beat her home-made carbonara. I never liked carbonara, like ever, but when I tasted her mom's cook, it was mouth-watering, and made me want to crave for more. No wonder why Ninz roots for carbonara all of the time.

The night flew fast, but the excitement and fun we had will not be forgotten. Thank you so much Ninz, Happy Birthday, and WE LOVE YOU! ♥

Tamara Niña Pleños, with our gifts for her, except the phone

wacky, but still pretty

smile with the birthday celebrator

the tummy-bursting dinner

The Call

That one call from my uncle and his live-in partner triggered my suppressed tears. I told myself to not cry again, but the conversation we had was hard to bare. They care. They advised me on what to do and on what not. Because of that call, I was almost thirty minutes late for our POSC 115 class last Thursday (I'm now the reigning Queen of  Tardiness). Because of that call, I evil-stared to my friends, I did not bother to give a brilliant, or at least fake, smile, I acted snobbishly to them, which moody act touched the ego to some of them. I cannot tell them what the real reason was. I went to the school wearing eyeglasses to hide my red and swollen eyes. I laughed and chatted with them, I have hidden my agony. I have, again, held back the tears. Heck, I won't cry in school, seemingly reasonless. I just have to suppress these emotions that run high in this web of problems. I shall not let this get in my way; I shall not let it distract me, as if it has not, but I won't let this distraction and destruction get heavier. I'm a fighter, and I shall act strong, though my fortress has been weakened, I shall keep on fighting. Go, Fight, Win!

Pimp My Blog

I have been using my blog template for quite awhile now, but my dear friend Chrisia shared me a site filled with nice templates. Finding one which I'd use was difficult, but the most difficult part was on the actual saving part. I could not save the template. Suggestions to revert back to classic template was my last resort, but it's definitely hard to let go of the Beta template, which is like so fcuking cool! It was a pain in my ass, but I have to let go, to welcome something new and which is a gazillion times better than my old template. 

Now, I'm on the process of pimping it. Tragic as it may seem to lose the Beta Template, and lose the access to added widgets and gadgets and all sorts, but I'm glad with my new template. It's time to be on the go. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I may be a day late in posting this, but at least I have commemorated the 9/11 terrorist attack. Nine years have passed after that intentional heinous attack that killed hundreds of people (or perhaps thousands). I could not fathom that diabolical act, how evil the people who initiated that attack, especially its brains. I know vengeance is never a good thing, but I wish their souls burn in hell, if ever they still got one.

But I am not in position to ramble about their cruelty, for I do not know who to put the blame on. Was that really a terrorist attack, or was that an inside job? Was that part of the Illuminati's plan to sacrifice souls to the devil? These queries, I cannot answer. So then I have to divert my mind to praying for the souls of the victims (which should really be the content of this post) and their families to have restive souls, no vengeful feelings inside.

Lord God, I pray that this kind of crime will never happen ever again. No more bombings, no more hostage attacks, no more hijacks, no more piracy attacks, no more accidents, no more natural disasters, no more crimes, no more evil. I pray for this overkill term, world peace. This term may be the most boring and overused term, but we all do pray for world peace, right? So let there be peace on Earth.

A Reflection

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. -- 1 Corinthians 13:13

As I've scanned through my previous posts, I have realized that the emotion that was circling up around my head when I was writing them was Happiness. I was all in elation writing about Lakers and Big Bang, though writing about them is the most daunting job, and I love to write. But was I truly happy? Am I genuinely happy?

My life had lately been under swirls and typhoons of school loads, and no man with a tight wardrobe with an S on his chest was in sight to save me from the catastrophe. However, all these disasters related to school, all of them, I can carry on my very broad and fat shoulders. I don't need Hercules' godly strength, all I need was the will, stamina, and belief to handle the deadly school zone.

I was disregarding, closing my ears, shutting my brain, for the eerie problem that was hanging around the corner of a circle house, which should have no corners, at all. It is tragic and devastating, for my plan and my effort was an epic fail. My fat-filled shoulders, nor my thighs, and a bruised leg cannot carry a problem that I, my brain and heart, cannot contain.

I tried to just disregard this pain, but I am caught in an impasse. I love my Mama and Papa, both of them, so much, more than anything in this world, more than my life. These tears, I will not let them fall. Sometimes, I wish God did not create tear ducts on our eyes, but of course, it is part of His intelligent design.

No matter what, I will not lose a single hint of hope. This strong faith and belief that I uniquely posses, that nobody in our family does, this is the only key to our genuine happiness. I believe in God, I believe in our family, I believe in Love. Love may never be enough, but love is what keeps people to cling, hang, and hold on, because, as simple, funny, stupidly-reasoned, and Born Again-ly this may sound, GOD is LOVE.