Thursday, September 30, 2010

Busy Bee

The Busy Bee, the kind of listener who doesn't really listen, but busy doing some other stuff, like combing the hair, chatting with friends, or fixing their faces. But I ain't referring to the Busy Bee as a kind of listener, because I am not that kind of listener. I present myself as a Busy Bee, from the word itself, BUSY. I am absolutely friggin' busy, like I'm a superstar, but sadly, I'm not. School works and shits are being wiped at my face, and they reek, and their stink won't leave me and they follow me wherever I go. Now that's real shit!

Today, we are scheduled to pass a Comparative Analysis of the Political and Economic Development of UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan. Yes, I am currently having a nasal menstruation, and as I am typing, the blood keeps flowing and jumping its own way to the keyboard. Heck! I do not even know how to start the comparative analysis, so I spent doing the job yesterday night, but my heavy eyes won't open up on me, so I had to lay it to slumber. My alarms were breaking my eardrums at 6am, my body and my eyes wanted to continue lying in bed, but my brain reprimanded them and required them to stand the hell up.

Ate little breakfast, which is kind of weird, because I eat like a scavenger, and headed off my way towards the computer to start working on the thing. ALAS! I finished it, but not really sure if it is worth a grade. Suddenly, I received a breaking news, NO CLASS! WTF? I have spent the whole morning doing it, and you tell me there's no class? Okay, that was supposed to be a good news, but I was shocked. Initial reaction! But, on the bright side, it must be submitted TODAY. At least my efforts paid, though that was not really a work of intelligence. That was only a I-have-to-pass-it-today-so-I-have-to-finish-it work.

I HAVEN'T STUDIED FOR OUR POLITICAL LAW! What am I going to do? I'm going to die! I just hope I will not be called for the oral recitation today. Please God, you know what I have been through today, so I deserve to NOT be called.

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